Apology Huh!

Well, Down with the Irish Independent! They didn’t print either my letter or an apology. ‘Oldies’ don’t count! I notice that the Weird Wide Web heading has no photograph under it this week.

Holy Smokes

Further down the page we have a picture of three mature nuns with mobile phones to their ears. The heading reads ‘Holy smokes, it’s the silver surfers!’ No mention of senior citizens there. Good news for Ian & Paddy Anglican, wearing a collar backwards means they won’t grow old! 😀

Since the nuns are wearing head-dresses we cannot see the silver tresses. The title above the picture and article, ‘Holy smokes, it’s the silver surfers!’ might have worked last week, because Grandad is a well known puffer of a pipe, and I have plenty of silver where once I had gold.

In fairness, Elly copied my email last week to Marie Boran of Silicon Republic and she replied to Elly, but not to me. Since the reply was not addressed to me I was unable to publish it. There was mention of an apology, but I have gone through the full paper and can not see it anywhere.


17 thoughts on “Apology Huh!

  1. Grannymar,

    I think it’s time for a line to the Equality Authority complaining of discriminatory treatment. The Indo think you’ll go away if they ignore you

  2. Ian, Grannymar never goes away! I was giving the Indo an opportunity to reply before going any further.

  3. Sock it to them Grannymar – they need to learn they are accountable for accuracy and should have the integrity to make amends when they are not!

  4. Stick with it Grannymar. The least they could do is give you a sufficient reply.

    I have a copy of the Indo here and I’ve scoured it. No hide nor hair of an apology! Tut tut!

  5. I have spoken to the Equality Authority and the Press Council of Ireland. Anyone have the phone No for the Indo handy? I can’t find it in the hard copy or online version.

  6. Just in the door – you were looking for the Indo phone no.?

    See P.20 today – Comment Page

    A choice of telephone numbers/fax/email etc. at top of page.

    Hope this is helpful but sorry it’s so late in the day.

  7. Grannymar, The Press Ombudsman is fairly toothless, being an independent body; the Equality Authority is statutory, has extensive powers and is far more intimidating.
    I think being labelled as “weird” on the basis of one’s age, by some sub-editor who thinks it is funny, is just plain offensive and that the EA should demand a full published apology.

  8. Steph ~ My copy is a Metro Edition with no phone numbers anywhere. I looked earlier and again now with no luck.

    Ian ~ My first call was to the EA and they suggested the Press Complaints Office, Press Council or the Editor or Readers Rep at the Indo.

  9. I have decided to add in here with the comments all thelinks to Blog Posts written about this subject

    If you come across others feel free to add them It will give me an idea of the feelings of others with regards this topic.

  10. Probably a little off topic but I’m catching up . . been frantic this week. The Weird Wide Web writer must be some spotty youth with emotionally challenged parents. Where do they get the idea that it’s unusual for someone in their mature years to blog, surf the web or use a mobile phone . . .you go girl! Grey power to you!

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