My Walk

Last week post excitement, I spent a couple of days with my Aunt. On Tuesday she was busy so I amused myself for a few hours. On my travels I met this fine fellow.

Any Food 3

He was being rather friendly and singing to me. I think he was hungry or maybe a little greedy because he could smell these

Dinner in a Box

Remembering I was hungry, I went on my way and found a nice restaurant where I had some leek and potato soup followed by Calamari. While I was eating there was an unmerciful downpour outside so I lingered over coffee until it passed.

I ventured outside with the return of the sunshine and walked a little further to get a good view of this Lighthouse.

Howth Lighthouse

This might be the boat that brought the fish ashore. I walked to the end of the pier and back. I love the smell of the sea and this harbour was always a favourite walk at any time of year when I was young.

On Thursday evenings we often bought our fish straight from the boats, sometimes going home to cook it for a late supper.

The harbour has changed and modernised but I still enjoy it.

C'est La Vie

As the banner on the boat says C’est la Vie!


17 thoughts on “My Walk

  1. Grannymar,

    I recognized Howth Lighthouse as soon as I saw your picture.

    I was in Ireland for the first time in 1984 to attend a wedding and my friend’s son took me to Howth to see the beautiful harbor.

    Your picture is beautiful and while the boats are much nicer than before , the light has not changed one bit….Still a major attraction…

  2. Nancy I thought the photos would bring back memories for you.

    That wedding Nancy was where we first met, sitting across the table from each other! Little did we know then that we would be in touch daily on the ‘net’!

  3. Intriguing light house…another part of Ireland to day. The sea, boats, fish, crabs, the smell of seaweed……. oranges washed up after a storm back in the 50’s…winkle gathering and cockle raking… and home to Grannie’s house tired and sandy for the end of the day.

    Thank you for those memories.

  4. Magpie

    I never realise when I start a post the memories it will invoke for my online friends.

  5. Looked like a beautiful day once the rain cleared . . now I’m motivated to take photos of my harbour .. where’s your Opera House? Whenever by the sea, I am compulsed to eat fish and chips at Doyles and eat a Chocolate Paddle Pop . . odd!

  6. Baino before and after the rain it was a lovely spring day.

    Now to answer your question; we have The Grand Opera House, Belfast and Cork Opera House. The Theatre Royal, in Wexford is an Opera House and is the home of the annual Wexford Opera Festival. Howth to date has none.

  7. I thought I recognised the ol’ haunt – I used to live in Raheny and delivered post in Howth for a summer. Also was a regular in Saints nightclub which is now a buffet restaurant although maybe closed again now. Me Da used to drive us out to Howth to buy fish on a friday – thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  8. What a lovely explanation of your adventure on the docks. Made me long for when I’ll be able to travel to the beach again. I may plan a short trip to Florida in April before it gets too hot. Otherwise will have to wait until fall. I don’t enjoy temps much after 77 degrees.

    I really enjoyed the photos, and felt for a moment the sounds and smells of the water as well.

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

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