Who mentioned Vodka?

Oh yes! It was me. I mentioned it yesterday in Five minutes of fame!

Today while trying to follow the goings-on at Creative Camp in Kilkenny via Twitter and Jaiku, well I need to keep a beady eye on the Toyboys, I found this via seanabc onTwitter:

The Many Uses of Vodka. I am not sure it was a good idea to read it.

Mine’s a lime juice and soda, thank you very much! You may keep the Vodka!

Vodka lime & Soda


10 thoughts on “Who mentioned Vodka?

  1. When my time comes…

    I’d like end my days being drip-fed…

    with gin and tonic!

    I’ll skip on the lemon in case it blocks the line 😉

  2. Sorry Steph, ‘puter got sick… I think I have it sorted. I am trying to follow Creative Camp Kilkenny on Twitter & Jaiku as well.

  3. Yes I signed up to http://sass.ie/ as soon as it was announced. I am hoping Hails does too. It is not exclusive, the boys can join as well. I see Robin has.

  4. I’m glad it’s not the IBA’s tonight as I’m still out of action 😦

    I’m drugged up to the eyeballs on a ‘fix’ that keeps making me fall asleep. I even slept through some of the rugby – but in reality, I didn’t miss much!

    And NO… the fix isn’t alcohol! That’s a no,no right now.

  5. Washing your feet in vodka to cure foot odor was the one that got me the most! I wonder who came up with that one to justify having a bottle hidden in the bathroom.

  6. Steph ~ I would not be prancing about tonight either. One wild weekend is enough for me. I am rather ‘foggy’ today giving the perfect to follow Creative camp on line.
    Do give in to sleep, it is a good healer!
    Sean ~ The bathroom is the one place I don’t keep booze! 😉

  7. I see mention of Rugby above…I was hoping for Ireland to do the biz with Wales. My sympathies.

    This Vodka thing is interesting…… Some intriguing uses..fly spray takes some beating.

    Baino should try growing an elder tree to repel flies..it works. In fact I wonder if it’s possible to infuse elder leaves in Vodka and spray that around doorways and windows to keep the beasts out?

    As for a real drink what about Elder flowers infused in Vodka? Come the summer I’ll try it!

  8. Magpie I wonder if Elder Trees are suitable for the climate in Sydney?

    When you make Elder flowers infused in Vodka I’ll be over to try it.

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