They have put me on the list

They have put me on the list when I thought I would be missed – with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan.


I am suffering from a touch of ‘déja vu’ right now. I want to say ‘You Could Knock Me Down With a Feather’, but I said that last year at this time for a very different reason!

Now in 2008, I am once more on the list of finalists’ for the Irish Blog Awards in the categories of Best Personal Blog and Best Blog. How did that happen? What did I do to deserve it? I just come out to play each day fluttering about like a butterfly, pausing for the moment with whatever takes my fancy. It might be serious or it might be fun. Blogging has taken me through some very dark and frustrating days. When I am unable to get out among real people, the blogs bring them IN to me. You are my teachers; I read your blogs and learn from your writing. You comment on what I have to say, correct me when I am wrong, support me if you think I am right and thank me endlessly if I share some little known fact with you.

In short you are MY FRIENDS!

Elly, you are my flesh and blood and I am very proud of you. Being related to me means you suffer a little of my madness. I really believed you were certifiable on the September day in 2006 when you first suggested that I should learn to Blog and Podcast. If I have not told you already, I am telling you now, it was the best suggestion you ever had for me! Thank you for the introduction to the sport and for opening the gates to a whole new world.

I wish to pay tribute to Damien Mulley, who with such enthusiasm and energy, working endlessly in the background over several months, has organised this event for the second year running.

To those unknown generous people who thought enough to nominate me in the first place, and to the team of judges who willingly gave of their time to read, mark and inwardly digest all the 788 nominations, trimming them down to 281 blogs or posts for the short-lists and again wading through them to produce the list of finalists that we have today. The competition is still very stiff. May the best people win!

Finally, I wish to thank all the Sponsors for their generous support, without you, Damien’s vision would fall on stony ground and the event not happen. Your sponsorship gives encouragement to a great variety of talented people from many walks and ages of life.


14 thoughts on “They have put me on the list

  1. Best wishes and congratulations – sadly (well not too sad) I will be in Tenerife so I will be waiting eagerly for news! There is a webcafe in our apartments so I will not be completly cut off.

  2. Thank you Stephen. Enjoy the holiday and the heat, it is difficult to find a quiet corner of the world nowadays without an Internet connection.

  3. Chris and Joy thank you for your good wishes. It is regular visitors like yourselves that give me the encouragement to keep going.

  4. Grannymar – Y-A-H-O-O! 😀

    Congratulations! Now you’ll have to change that IBA banner again!

    I’m behind on all this IBA activity. The action sure is hotting up for Saturday night.

    Go, Grannymar, Go!

  5. Thank you everyone I have arrived safely at Elly’s for some royal pampering before Saturday. See you all on the Big night!

  6. You won! You won best personal blog jointly with Grandad and it was so well deserved. You delivered a captivating and inspiring acceptance speech and without doubt you were the friendliest and most glamorous lady of the night – meeting you really made my evening. And I’ll keep my promise to you – I’ll blog! Congratulations!!

  7. Morning Toyboy Darragh, it was wonderful to meet you last night. I am slowly coming out of the haze of winning and surrounded by Champagne and Flowers! I look forward to reading your Blog and please make plenty of noise here at my place.

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