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Eamonn at Flowers Made Easy is holding a Mothers Day Blogging Competition with a prize for the best blog post about your Mum.

So if you have a happy, sad or fun story about your mum or about Mothers Day simply blog about it and add a link to http://blog.flowersmadeeasy.ie/eamonn into it the post and you will be included into the competition automatically based on your link back. You can add a “no follow” into the link if you like. We just think that it will be the easiest way to see who has entered the comp.

The winner will get a bouquet delivered to their mum on Mothers Day. The winner will be announced on Saturday, March 1st, 2008

I have written and made Podcasts about my mother several times over the lifetime of my blog and sending her flowers would be difficult since she died in 1996. Thankfully I will be away from home as the month turns to March and not quite sure when I will return. Flowers do not like living out of a suitcase any more than I do! Nevertheless I have a little story to add to the collection. The story is a true one and names have been changed.

Charlotte's Picture

Painted by Charlotte aged 8

As Marcia approached her 40th birthday she decided that it was time to make some changes. After all ‘Life begins at 40’ or so the saying went. Since her mother died she had lived alone in the family home. Her siblings were all married and she had plenty of young nieces and nephews to visit and play with whenever she felt like it. Offers to ‘baby-sit’ were gratefully accepted.

Having finished her chores for the day, she poured a drink and pulled the armchair a little closer to the fire. As she mused over the possible changes she might make, the phone rang. It was Lucy. Marcia and Lucy had travelled through most of their lives together since that first day at school where they were put sitting side by side. They first shared pencils then books & games, later it was sleepovers during holidays, chatting for hours about their hopes and dreams.

Marcia watched as Lucy met her sweetheart and fell in love. Mark was a fine tall handsome young man and soon he and Lucy had set the date for their wedding. Marcia never hesitated when she was asked to be bridesmaid and was helpful and efficient in everything she did. That was twelve years earlier and somehow love with that special person had eluded her.

Lucy sounded rather excited on the phone. They talked for ten minutes and then hung up. Marcia pondered over the conversation. Lucy had called to say that one of the girls in the office was leaving and that her boss was looking for someone to take over the position at short notice. Lucy had recommended Marcia and promised to call her. Now she was setting up an interview.

The interview went well and Marcia decided to make this the first step on the road to change. She was working directly with John and they made a good team, after a couple of weeks she realised that she looked forward to going to the office. John showed appreciation for all her endeavours. He invited her for dinner and she accepted. The talked easily together and she learned that John was a widower with 5 children. His wife had died with the birth of the last child. He was bringing them up with the help of family.

Time passed and the working relationship turned first to friendship and then to love. Marcia met the children and slowly they began to welcome her. John asked the all important question and Marcia said yes! The children were involved in all the preparations and looked forward to the wedding. Marcia & John were married with family and friends gathered to celebrate. The children stayed with grandparents while John took his new wife on honeymoon.

That night Marcia’s dreams were shattered. John had a heart attack at the dinner table and died. Marcia so soon a widow had to break the news to the children and all the family. The children were bewildered and blamed her for the death of their father. They gave her a very hard time over the next few years. Many times she felt like walking away, at one point she even packed her bags, but she didn’t leave. She stuck it out, slowly the grief eased and one by one the children grew closer to her. As they grew older they realised the sacrifice she had made for them, a sacrifice borne from true love.

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  1. Grannymar,

    I loved Marcia’s story because it shows true love.

    You may be interested in the story of the Walker Family. Alice and Charlie Walker were neighbors of ours who had three children who went to school with our kids.

    In 1975, Alice and Charlie decided to divorce. Alice stayed in the family home with the children and Charlie took an apartment nearby so he could see the kids all the time.

    In 1978 Charlie suffered a stroke and died shortly thereafter.
    Alice was now free to marry the man she had been seeing for two years,Bill. So, Bill moved into the family home and although it took a while until the family jelled, when they did settle in they became a real family.The children loved Bill and felt they were given a second dad.

    Tragically, in 1980 Alice died in an accident so the children were again bereaved but they still had Bill to care for them.They got through the funeral and again picked up their lives in the care of their loving step -father, and continued living in the family home and going to the same schools . Their lives had a great deal of stability due to Bill’s loving care.

    But, Bill was lonely for companionship and soon met Nora. She was warily welcomed by the kids who by now were teen agers, but had been through so many changes in their lives that they were not as cautious as they might have been about making a step mom of Nora. Nora had never married and yet took on the role of Mom to kids she barely knew because she loved Bill and thought she would learn to love the kids. Well, that part came true. They were one big happy family as the kids grew up and went off college.

    Then in 1998 Bill was diagnosed with cancer and Nora and the kids saw him through Chemotherapy and radiation treatments ,but in the end he died . The kids were devastated. He had been their dad all those years. Through thick and thin,
    he was at every sporting event they were involved in and at every chorus or school play you could bet on it that Bill would be there.

    Now two of those kids are married and have children of their
    own and Nora is their Grandma. She still lives in the family home and has never remarried. The children all stayed nearby and visit Nora all the time.

    This is the kind of love story I like!

  2. GM & Nancy:
    I find your stories inspiring, the only ones I know of such a nature are quite morbid and awful, and well, dark, so we’ll stick to the sunny side of llife here, right?

  3. Grannymar and WWW,

    There are probably as many “good” stories such as the ones GM and I told as there are dark ones. It’s just that people love to hear the failures of relationships rather than all the wonderful stories there are to tell about good people doing the right thing out of love for someone else.

    Grannymar, I felt for Marcia all the way through your story and was very happy that it ended as well as a tragedy can end. I hope she had a few good years as a family with the children.

  4. Nancy, Marcia watched the family grow and saw the older children marry. I lost touch in the past ten years so she may well be enjoying the next generation by now. I certainly hope so.

  5. I’m Charlotte’s mum, she says she hopes you like the flowers! Now that she is 10 & 3/4 she will have to do another one!

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