Spring Cleaning

I was doing a little bit of spring cleaning yesterday morning. I even made it to the Recycling centre with a boot-load of rubbish. Not sure which skip, bin or wire basket to put all the various bits and pieces in I headed for the staff work hut. Now they do have a proper purpose built red brick building, it has been there for years. Last time I called my old TV still had pride of place and it was working away.

Today there was another temporary metal work hut along side the red brick mansion. I noticed that the door and window of the red brick were no more, the space was bricked up! I hope there was nobody inside. The door to the metal hut was open so I ventured in. Five, yes I did say five, men in visi-vests were sitting around drinking tea and reading page three! I told them my tale of woe and one of them jumped up to help me.

“Oh! I get a Toyboy to help me” I said.

“This sounds like my specialty” says my man grabbing his coat. The chap with page three shouts over “He only gets up to help weemen”.

” I could understand that if it were a young slip of a blonde, but an old biddy like me, well that’s a different matter” says I.

Page three pipes up once more “You call yourself old, sure that has an advantage, there would be no bairns!”

With that I open my hand and drop a dozen or so batteries in to the bin

muttering “I’ll not be needing these!”

On the way home I realised I needed some help to finish all this cleaning quickly. I decided on the latest gadget from Singapore. With this little fellow all will sparkle!


11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Grannymar,

    I recently saw a cute cartoon of a dog just finishing licking a dinner plate clean and he’s watching the plate being loaded into the dishwasher.

    The balloon over the dog’s head shows what he is thinking.


  2. Nancvy I know someone who serves the food for her animals on china plates. The plates go in the dishwasher after use. The difficulty for me is that they then go back in the cupboard and next day cream cake might be served on them to humans!

  3. Haha . . cute . . .I’ve seen him on the inside of a mobile phone too! I just wish I didn’t know where that tongue had been. And you are shameless flirting with men in visi-vests! Talk about being attracted to men in uniform!

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