What did you have for Breakfast?

When I was young the choice was porridge or corn flakes.

Corn flakes were invented in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1894 by brothers Will and Dr. John Kellogg. They baked some boiled wheat on a baking tin, the doctor was called away on an emergency, and they rolled out the stuff the next day. The result was flakes.

Dr John Kellogg was an Adventist who used this recipe as part of a strict vegetarian regimen for his patients, which also included no alcohol, tobacco or caffeine. The diet he imposed consisted entirely of bland foods. He believed that spicy or sweet foods would increase passions. The foods were therefore experimented in a psychological ward with great success. In contrast, cornflakes would have no aphrodisiac property and lower the sex drive. I doubt the modern adverts mention this fact.

John was interested in the sanatorium, which he owned, while Will who served as the business manager of the sanatorium, decided to try to mass-market the new food. He sweetened up the flakes with malt and bought the commercial rights from his brother.

Will Kellogg started the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company on this day in 1906.


21 thoughts on “What did you have for Breakfast?

  1. I had porridge and half a banana. Separately I had a bit of avocado as well but it wasn’t very nice so I binned the most of it.

    Did you ever hear the one that goes, that one is so nosey he’d ask you what you had for your breakfast?

    That wasn’t you was it?

  2. ‘that one is so nosey he’d ask you what you had for your breakfast’

    Nelly, I only mentioned that question the other day!

  3. Hey Mammy, I put that blog awards shortlist image up on your sidebar and also figured out how to change the display name of “admin” to show “elly” instead – not bad, eh?

  4. Thanks for doing that! I am glad you are back to being Elly again. I felt like a naughty child when Admin appeared!! 😆

    I have my uses then 😉

  5. I used to have cereal often (still do) and scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. I like my cereal to have strawberries, blueberries or banana on it.

    I doubt that Kellog’s would ever advertise the reason for corn flakes in his original diet…..LOL

  6. I think Cornflakes are one of the biggest scams ever – a bit like crisps. Ultra-thin bits of processed corn in a massive box, weighing about 2 ounces with a price out of all proportion to the substance. Weight for weight, a packet of muesli or crunchy cereal is far cheaper and it’s also much more nutritious. Porridge too for that matter.

  7. Kenju ~ I allow myself a full Irish/English breakfast when I stay in a hotel, otherwise I am with Nick.

    Nick ~ I have had difficulty with ‘dairy’ products all my life and only in the past three years discovered Museli with my Orange juice on it instead of milk. With this I have apricots, dates, figs and a selection of nuts. I look forward to breakfast each morning.

  8. My grandfather used to call them Post’s Toasties. That’s my feeble excuse for commenting here as I am actually responding to your post on Nick’s blog, but very indirectly. My grandfather was also in Burma in WW2, he found it pretty harrowing, not that he talked about it much, but in his later years awoke in the middle of the night after nightmares about having to flush Japanese soldiers out of tunnels dug in the jungle. Appologies for the irrelevant comment.

  9. Thriftcriminal welcome to my blog. Burma during WW11 was no party, my husband carried the scars for nearly 54 years. Like your grandfather he spoke only once about it in all the time I knew him.

    I hope you come back soon.

  10. I’m into muesli which I make up myself from a basic organic mix with plain organic yoghurt. I do like porridge, although I haven’t had any this winter! Also I have learned something today so thank you 🙂

  11. I’m a bit late here but never mind.

    My better half makes up Muesli from various flakes etc…atleast three kinds of nuts, Oats, barley, Rye flakes, Raisins, chopped Apricots, chopeed figs, chopped dates and sunflower and pumpknin seed and if I’m good pPine nuts!

    Corn flakes on a Sunday!!! Habit.

    And, like you, full fried breakfast (Irish/Welsh/English) if staying away from home…..When we went to the eldest sprogs wedding in USA the breakfasts were something else besides…..

    Was told by a teacher at school that expermental rats put on more weight when fed the boxes than when fed the cornflakes that had been contained in them! He didn’t say if they had sugar on them!

    Try making your porridge with apple juice..I haven’t yet but a friend swears by it…


  12. Chris ~ You are welcome.

    Magpie ~ porridge made with apple juice is an new one on me.

    Laura ~ Welcome to my madhouse! I never heard of that film about Dr Kellogg, Anthony Hopkins has a voice to die for, I will have to watch out for that film.

  13. I have porridge, a drip of honey or maple syrup and some Hemp oil or Flax oil. All organic. Yummy!

    The Omega3s in Hemp/Flx Oil are supposed to be great for the brain and for depressio0n.

  14. Corneilius welcome aboard the Grannymar Schooner! I will have to look into the Hemp and Flax oils.

  15. Welcome Sinéad to my never ending buffet! Corn Flakes lowering the sex drive was a surprise to me too!

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