Food Monday ~ Pork Portofino

Now Steph, will you ease off! 😉

One of these days I will give a recipe with NO booze in it. I do have some, you know! I am just thinking ahead…

Mother’s Day will be the day after the Irish Blog Awards. Now if you are not going to Deborah’s Irish Food Blog Brunch in Dublin on March 2nd , then why not encourage the man in your life to have a go at making this:

Pork Portofino

Serves 6 Preheat oven to 180°C

2lb Lean Pork pieces

4 tablespoons Soy Sauce

2ozs Flour


4 tablespoons Redcurrant Jelly

2ozs Butter

6 tablespoons Tomato puree

2 large onions chopped

4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

12 tablespoons Port

6ozs Mushrooms

8 tablespoons Cream

Toss pork in seasoned flour. Melt butter and brown pork and remove from pan. Add onions to juices and sauté for 5 minutes.

Put pork and all ingredients in together except mushrooms and Cream. Bring to boil, put in a casserole dish in pre heated oven for 45 minutes (can be cooled and frozen at this stage. Thaw on day required) Add mushrooms and cream and cook for a further 45 minutes until it thickens.

This looks terrible when you put it in the oven at first but it tastes lovely when cooked. Serve with Rice or potatoes.


We will have another Food Monday before Mother’s Day, and I’m thinking of sharing my Chocolate Cake recipe. Would you like that?

Chrisb has an interesting honey and carrot cake using plain wholemeal flour.


15 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Pork Portofino

  1. Pork Portofino sounds GOOD! Grannymar

    12 tablespoons Port = lash in half a bottle? 😉

    We’re having a cheese fondue (with lots of Kirsch) tonight, for a birthday celebration.

    My ‘baby’ is 18 today, and studying hard for school exams 😦

    I’ll make her your chocolate cake next week to celebrate when the exams finish. 😀

  2. Morning Alco Steph!

    I’ll have the Kirsch and skip the cheese! Dr’s orders. 😉

    sounds like it will be choccie cake next week then.

  3. Elly here – Pork Portofino has to be one of my favourite recipes of mum’s of ALL time – it’s really delish!

  4. Mm! Sold to the frustrated chef…now …If I can gain access to the kitchen without her breathing down my neck…

    Thanks for that recipe.

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