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Ann of the pigtails For the Long Run had a very simple little meme, she was originally tagged by Babaloo to try it.

Here are the rules:

* Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)
* Find Page 123.
* Find the first 5 sentences.
* Post the next 3 sentences.
* Tag 5 people.
Book Cover

My choice of book is:

Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes, by Martha Long.

It is a heart-rending true story of her early childhood in the slums of 1950’s Dublin. Martha was born a bastard to a teenage mother, who moved from man to man, as more children arrived, they lived hand-to mouth in squalid, freezing tenements, dressed in rags and having to beg for food. Then Jackser came into their lives….

Now for page 123 – Martha is telling us about Jackser:

(It works best if you read it with a strong Dublin accent!)

I put the coat on me, an it went down te me shoes. Then he lifted me by the neck, opened the door, an roared, ‘Get back on the streets. An if I see ye aroun, ye’re fuckin dead!’

Every time I look at the cover of this book the little girl’s pretty face reminds me of Chris at Ms Cellania! Do you agree?

Now if you fancy trying this meme consider yourself tagged.

12 thoughts on “Books ~ Meme

  1. Nearest book of 123 pages or more?

    Beyond the phone book is a chest of drawers and then a bookshelf, and at exactly 90 degrees from me the Greek New Testament, getting the right font would cause problems!

  2. Ian I tried to be smart with my fonts, alas The Author of your Book put me back in my place! 😀

  3. I shut me eyes and stretched out to pick
    Mathematical and Logical Games
    Here goes
    “we can state S—>Q is true or false.In these
    terms, then, implication is equivalent to non-
    exclusive disjunction, there fore it is wise not to”

    No I don’t know what it means. But now you know it’s wise not to!

  4. Magpie, what language is that?? 😉

    ….and as for ‘But now you know it’s wise not to!’, my father told me ‘Not to’ about plenty of things when I was young!

  5. . . . the course of the story, they move from antagonism to love. It could be one of a hundred routine, American romantic comedies of the 1930s and 40s.But make no mistake, Frank Capra’s “It Happened One Night” is movie magic!

    from the ‘literary’ classic 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die! (deep!) Hey, it was the closest book! Um and no, I haven’t seen it!

  6. Judy it is a sad story, but saying that I found it an easier book to read than Angela’s Ashes. I was close to tears several times. Martha would be a similar age to myself and I know all the places she mentions. In my young life I did some voluntary work for the St. Vincent de Paul. Our allocated area covered some of the places mentioned in this book. I came across many ‘Marthas’ but not all had her determination!

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  8. Marlys I read your entry this morning. I have tried several meme’s but this was the best.

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