Valentine Plate

You’ll ask me if I loved you

If once I loved you dearly

I loved you once,

I love you now

I love you most sincerely

Though time is on the wing,

As all the world agree

It has not borne away

The love I have for thee

These words are from the back of this Valentine Plate 1978


5 thoughts on “MY VALENTINE

  1. A gift Plate. No there’s something I could live with. At least you can eat off it if you get bored looking at it. The only secondary use for cards is scribbling shopping lists.

  2. Grannymar until I read this I had totally forgotten that I have one of these plates that I no longer have on display. I’ve just got it out to have a look so thank you for reminding me πŸ™‚

  3. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” I said.
    “We’ve never really done Valentine’s Day,” she said

    So when we wnet to the Post office I bought her a Valentine’s (Scratch) Card.
    She lushed, giggled, scratched and

    didn’t win!

  4. Chris plates last longer than cards, mind you I might never my food from it.

    Magpie, she had the anticipation and the exercise! πŸ˜‰

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