‘It was a one of those days’ the song says, alas one of those days for me, is no more like the song than I am like the Kerrygold Butter Queen!

I had a post up on my blog but it was the worst thing I ever produced. I felt I let Jefferson Davis down. Reading a couple of other entries for the meme that he set us I was annoyed with myself. I wanted to remove it. In fact I wanted to close down the blog altogether and never look at it again!

Everything I touched took on a mind of its own. The computer froze – I rebooted Firefox froze so I rebooted. Meanwhile I went to do some chores. Things I wanted to move refused, but the things I wanted to stay put, fell from my hands or from where ever I put them. 😥

My head was fuzzy but I was determined to work it clear. There would be no giving in today, no going back to bed!

The Post man arrived with a big box. It was the long awaited external Hard Drive. The instructions for installing seemed so short and clear. Just what I needed; a new toy to concentrate on! I cleared all the gear from my desk and pulled it out. The mass of multicoloured cables scares me. They always seem to be a twisted mass no matter now many times I sort and tie them. In fact they were like my brain felt, twisted and mixed up!

I sorted a socket for the new drive and then connected the USB lead to my USB hub. A light came on a then NOTHING! Zilch! Removing the USB I tried another hole (very un tekki term but you know what I mean!) it didn’t work and the third didn’t work either. 😡

Brilliant I am down to one.

So the one connection worked – that is the one I use for Podcasting or Skype. It works so stop complaining Grannymar!

Well I will have to be like a man for a few days – one job at a time! 😀 That last remark was not a good idea ‘cause the ‘puter heard it, and of course computers are Male! It froze again!! I gave up and shut down! I put on the electric blanket and headed for bed. I lay in the warmth and listened to a play, read a few pages and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. A couple of hours later I came too feeling so much better. I cooked my dinner and had a fresh go at the computer. Everything except the USB port was working and I went ahead with the installation of the new hard drive. IT worked!

Now why don’t I do as I preach to others – ‘Listen to your body’!

Today the sun is shining and all is well with the world. Nick came to my rescue. he called me mischievous and accepted my tag for the meme. He came up with a wonderful idea and I look forward to following the progress.

Nick said:

My thought is that it seems a bit of a waste to keep dreaming up new characters. What I fancy doing is one of those continuous stories, in which one person starts it off and then the next person continues it. I rather like the Pricilla character so I’m sure I’ll soon have some ideas about something that happens to her.

So visit Nick and keep an eye on how the story develops!

8 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Grannymar – sorry to hear about yesterday.

    You are mischievous but you’re also a wonderful example of a human spirit that refuses to be broken.

    Keep on blogging, this world needs people like you! 😀

  2. Steph I think its the soup keeps me going. I am about to have some. Today it is Celery & Apple and Walnut bread to go along with it. I made the soup but not the bread!

  3. Grannymar,

    I was worried about you! Happy to hear that you were just in need of a nice warm nap.

    Stay well and don’t even THINK about closing down the blog…

    Celery and Apple soup sounds wonderful. um um good!

  4. Grannymar

    Was that Celery & Apple soup with Walnut bread or Celery soup with Apple and Walnut Bread? 😉

    Anyway, hope it was delicious!

    Funnily enough, I’m just back from the shops having bought a large head of broccili, some ground almonds and some cream. Now, I wonder what that could be for? 😀

  5. Thank you Nancy, I am fine today and I enjoyed my soup. I will try to keep blogging, all I need is inspiration.

    Steph ~ Celery and Apple soup with Walnut bread on the side. Yesterday it was Carrot & Orange soup. Green, white and… now if this was March 17th I’d be fine! 😉

  6. Awww, big Aussie hugs possum! We all have shitty days, the worst is over I’m sure and don’t start me on computers, I’ve been playing musical chairs at work waiting for my new one to be delivered, then the IT guy literally networked it and went home, i have to load all the custom software today! Things can only get better and if it’s worth anything from this writer of pure banality, I liked yesterday’s post!

  7. Grannymar, we have to keep going, no matter what, the alternative is not acceptable… Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping…I just couldn’t drive myself to motivation..

    Regarding how daring you are with the computer…if I could only dream to be that smart. I can turn them on and turn them off..they scare the heck out of me and I still end up in cyberspace. I’m dyslexic and thats my story…also a chicken when it comes to learning.

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your gram

  8. Thanks Baino! I write about the bad days, not for a whinge but to perhaps help others who also feel bad, and think they are the only ones to feel that way.

    I always get over it and usually end up by doing something good, like today making a helpful suggestion to the daughter of a friend who phoned me. She was delighted and it made me feel useful!

    Dorothy I am borderline dyslexic and a very slow learner. Somedays I struggle but then mankind has struggled since Adam was a boy!

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