Do you like it

There is nothing better than friends coming to visit. Blogging friends are so much better. They come when you are ready to receive them, stay for as long as you wish and leave no mess behind for you to clear up.

Blogging friends won’t be aware of the six inches of dust everywhere, the fact you are still in your pyjamas with hair that looks like your fingers are stuck in the electric socket!

Now don’t start thinking that is how I am every day. I would hate to give you a fright, so I am titivated and elegant with not a hair out of place. Please don’t ask, I have no webcam. My beauty might blind you…

Now where were we…

Talking about my blogging friends. Once I have cleared up each morning, I like to pour a proper cup of coffee, pull up a chair and invite my virtual friends into my living room. I listen read what they have to say and then reply add my comments.

In a previous life (last year) Grannymar happily blogged away at Oldbones which was housed with I we Elly suggested it was time to make a move to WordPress, so here I landed. Now you have to understand that my life is a series of “Mum try this!” or “Mum you need to install that!” It might be a verbal message by phone, a link by IM or an email. Don’t tell her I said it, but she is usually right!

So I use Firefox. Audacity, Levelator (thanks to Conn) and Windows Live Writer that I found myself and installed – I like it! The latest tekkie thing is something called Open ID. I was frustrated trying to leave comments on Blogs using Blogger. They seemed to want to control the world and insisted in giving the punters a Blogger ID.

Now this Open ID worked well to begin with, but now I find a problem with the first comment I leave in the day. I write my gem of literature, click on ID window and make sure my correct info is there, then hit publish and the whole thing explodes! Well to be correct I get a large blank page with a Google 400 Banner. It is a real slap on the knuckles to a little old lady like me. Anyone would think I was planting porn. I click on the back button and not alone is the comments box gone AWOL but the whole blog has gone as well. Now I have to remember to save that first nugget of wisdom until I am sure it has wound its way across the ether.

Am I the only one this happens to? What am I doing wrong?


Something rattled my cage this morning and poor Elly had to listen to me ranting on about it. I will share one quote I made, so you might understand how cross I was:

The F-ing Twenty Majors have only one round the houses number printed, and with all the 57 options there is nowhere to complain!

More strong coffee is called for…. on my way to the kitchen I discover a sideways flying bird has left a load of bird flu all down my dining room window! Ugh!

Should I go back to bed?


I’ll go visit some Bloggers instead.

17 thoughts on “Do you like it

  1. Grannymar – you sound on cracking form today!

    Are you ready for me to send around that photographer from Calendar Girls? πŸ˜‰

    I’m hugely impressed by your tekkie skills. I get a lot of tips/suggestions coming my way too but I have to be pushed before I’ll jump πŸ˜€

    Please don’t go blowing yourself up just yet!

  2. Steph I would need a visit to the ‘New York Cleaners’ for sponging and pressing before the photographers come.

    Does anyone remember them in Middle Abbey Street? The branch on the ‘Independant’ side took three days to clean a suit and the branch across the road did the same job in a day at twice the price.

  3. Steph it was my birthday suit I was talking about πŸ˜†

    I would need a very large sunflower to hide behind! πŸ˜‰




    Foxfire… WordPress….…..Levelator….Audacity

    What the Hell are you talking about????????????

  5. Firefox yes but you’ve lost me on the rest although I did download some free software so that I could listen to the radio online~ as I’m doing right now!

  6. Greetings Grannymar, I keep seeing your name on the comments of blogs I visit, so I thought I should pop in for a look see. Thanks for the coffee and the chat, I have been resisiting the urge to visit coz I feel I already spend too much time visiting everyone and now I may have to come back again, well done on your nominations.

  7. Chris ~ As you can see I stumble into everything. Mind the Bamboo item you got for your Birthday sounds interesting… have you tied it yet?

    Natalie ~ welcome to my humble abode, I have to admit lurking over at your place for a couple of weeks now. You sure had a busy time posting today! Pats on the back to you also on the nominations!

  8. I continue to be impressed with your skills and nomenclature, GM. I am also blessed with a tekkie daughter but resist “upgrading” or “transmigrating” to a more independent blog. She doesn’t like me being owned by Google.
    I love having our daily visits while we are both in our PJ’s with corkscrew hair. Gawd haven’t we’ve earned the right!!

  9. Grannymar are you sure you don’t have a webcam and can see me through the ether. I DEFINITELY blog in my pyjamas (well yoga pants and t shirt) and my hair always looks like I’ve stuck my finger in a socket. I too am amazed at your techie ability and haven’t tried half the stuff out there. I still don’t get DIGG and Technorati have never heard of Audacity or Levelator, prefer Firefox and my IE crashes my computer so I can’t use MSN (hahaha sounds like I have a clue!)
    It’s the willingness to learn and patience with the machine that makes it possible. As well as the help of a toy boy called Mattie Rattie! Sorry about the birdie, at least lizards only poo on the floor!

  10. Baino ~ I think what DIGG, Stumble, and Reddit are all ways of increasing Stats, but not being a man I don’t bother with them. Audacity and Levelator I use for Podcasting. So tell me about Mattie Rattie!

    Thankfully the wind has stopped howling and I think it has given up trying to snow. My curtains are all closed, the fire is brightly burning and I am cosy with no need to go outside.

  11. “……Blogging friends won’t be aware of the six inches of dust everywhere, the fact you are still in your pyjamas with hair that looks like your fingers are stuck in the electric socket!…..”

    Have you been spying on me today? I am still in my PJ’s!

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