Doctor, Doctor…

I heard a Dr speaking the other day about a patient presenting with very straight forward symptoms for tennis elbow.

The patient assured the GP that he never in his life played tennis and that he hated to even watch the game.

A long discussion ensued about lifestyle and exercise. Then the Doctor asked the patient to describe in detail how he had spent the last week. Eureka!

Now let me digress for a moment…

The ‘must have’ gift at Christmas this year, from what I hear, was the Wii. I know a few people who did get a Wii with a couple of these as well.

Wii Remotes

Wii Remotes, so it is possible to play with both hands!

Now back to the Doctor, his patient and the Eureka moment. The patient did get a Wii for Christmas and now on top of that he has the newest version of RSI – now to be known as Wii Elbow!

So tell me did you get a wee Wii lately? Try to put it down for a while every now and then and do as I am often told – get a life!


3 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor…

  1. Grannymar,

    I got my Wii (no jokes please!) back in April 2007. Our local Xtravision said there was a 4 week waiting list as they were only getting one per week. So I took a trip to the local toyshop and bagged one there and then.

    They are brilliant. Especially if you have group to play with.

  2. Grannymar,

    My Grandson, Andrew, got a Wii for Christmas last year. If you want to know the truth, he took a job at Circuit City in Chicago for the Christmas holidays just so he would be in a position to buy a Wii if they came into his store.

    He asked me to play tennis with him and at first it was fun, then it wasn’t so entertaining when he began to almost knock me over in order to return the ball.

    It turned out that I didn’t enjoy the damned Wii at all. You have to be very careful because you forget that you are not really on a tennis court, but in someone’s family room and you don’t actually have 5 yards between you, but only a foot or two.

    You can keep that game as far as I’m concerned,,,,,,

    You will probably see it on EBay next week….

  3. Robert ~ all games are good when played in a groupnor an hour. After that they get boring (or the players get boring)!

    Nancy ~ I agree come Marchtime they will be two a penny on EBay!

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