New Disease

I discovered I have a new disease. Fortunately it is intermittent and hopefully not terminal. The symptoms hit like irritable bowel syndrome, when you least expect it, and it is a case of all or nothing. Wednesday was a nothing day. Thursdays are fine now since I managed to have a particular focus for them. The other six days are the difficult ones.

I don’t think it is contagious, because I have not come across anyone else suffering from this condition. I now realise that it has been ongoing for several months and I am not sure how to cure it right now. I have tried a change of routine and different applications to help alleviate the problem.

At this stage the best remedy is Windows Live Writer, because when the syndrome is all go I can prepare blog posts and postdate them. I realise this revelation is not what you want to hear as you think I sit here with nothing else to do but provide advice, entertainment or witty little quips ad infinitum.

Suggestions of how to increase my flow are always welcome.

14 thoughts on “New Disease


    Your output levels are exceeding your input.


    Increase alcohol levels and take a Toyboy daily 😉

  2. It’s the toilet paper you use, Grannymar. The great thing with the old stuff was that it gave you reading.

    The fish and chips used to come in newspaper as well, so there was reading and eating. Liam Clancy tells a lovely tale of getting cruibini wrapped up in a copy of last week’ Munster Express.

  3. Years ago when my mother washed the kitchen floor she spread newspaper out on it to speed the drying. It was a great idea because you saw loads of items that you missed first time round.

  4. Steph’s comment is hilarious 🙂 Oh and my mother used to do that with newspapers!

    You seem pretty good at making something out of nothing~ a bit like making a scrap meal ~ can be satisfying but often leaves you wanting more! this goes for Toyboys as well!

  5. Grannymar,

    No One ever said writing a clever blog every day would be easy.

    You do a wonderful job of keeping our interest day after day.

    Here is what Jonathan Swift had to say about the difficulty of writing…..

    “Then rising with Aurora’s light,
    The Muse invoked, sit down to write;
    Blot out, correct,insert,refine,
    Enlarge, diminish, interline.”

    See, even he didn’t find writing so easy.

    You are doing great, GM. Keep up the good work!

  6. Nancy, my mutterings will never last as long as the great Jonathan Swift.

    He served some time at a Parish 2 miles from where I live and there is a memorial to that effect in the old overgrown and Ivy tangled graveyard.

  7. Well, in that case, Grannymar, please go over to that memorial and place a flower there from me because Jonathan Swift is a favorite of mine……

  8. Nancy I will but not today, it is 0°C and the fog is so thick I cannot see beyond my nose!

  9. You’re missing a wonderful experience today,GM. Where else would you rather be on a 0*C foggy day than in an overgrown and ivy-tangled graveyard ?

    I saw “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil” the other night and really enjoyed all the “Dark” references and the Voodoo Lady.

  10. Nancy,

    Grannymar is spooky enough, if I went to the graveyard folk might think I was the Voodoo Lady. If George heard he might pay someone to keep me there!

  11. You could get your camera out. That’s what I do if I run dry . . .whack in a couple of cop out photos! hehehe. Like yesterday! I was afraid my PC was going to blow a gasket the fan was working so hard and sweating into my keyboard wasn’t such a good idea I agree with the others . . .one day of writer’s blockage is no big deal. It’s hard to keep the creative juices flowing all the time.

  12. The camera would not be much use outside today. We had 0°C and thick fog all day. I walked a car length to bring in my refuse bin this morning, nothing else, and by the time I came indoor I had a brick on my chest and a pain in my left arm. Where are the Toyboys when you need the kiss of life? 😉

    The spray, a rest and a comforting drink and a chat with several Toyboys on Skype soon had me back to normal.

    You can’t keep Grannymar down!!

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