What day is it?

I thought it was Sunday and the Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas. A day for wise men to remove the decorations of the festive season.

Since I have no wise man to assist me I undertake the chore myself. Most years I wait until the evening and while listening to some music I gather all the boxes, tissue and tape in one place. I had all the boxes at the ready early today and then something unusual happened – the Sun decided to shine. The garden was still white with frost but I had the urge to stretch my legs.

Wrapping up well I headed out taking my camera with me on the off chance I might find something interesting to snap along the way. Heading out I encountered large icy patches on the paths and roadway. Turning the corner I was aware of hazards of a canine kind, dog turds everywhere. I looked about but there was no sign of Grandad or his golf clubs anywhere. I doubt if his swing is strong enough to reach these parts from the Wicklow hills.

Since the river winds it way through the local park and it is low lying and prone to flooding, I headed up the town to the square. The window of the Paper Shop had a shock in store for me. I went inside in case I was hallucinating, but no my eyes were not deceiving me!

All along one wall were these!!

But its only 6th Jan DSCF1991

Valentine’s Day Cards

Now if that was not enough when I got near the cash desk I saw these!

2008-01-06 Eggs Already

Why, oh why, are we not allowed to have a few normal interludes in the year instead of rolling spendfests?


10 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. Now why does that not surprise me. Before Beccy went back we commented that Easter eggs were already in the shops –actually we weren’t sure they weren’t left over from last year!!

  2. Chris, since the Easter eggs and Chocolate rabbits seem to be on special offer they might well be old stock!

  3. Grannymar, they’ve stocked up early on Valentine’s cards to spur all your many Toyboys-in-waiting into action! 😉

    It’s sad isn’t it? Us wise old codgers are well able to ignore this sort of commercial hype but you’d have to wonder at what the future holds?

  4. Don’t worry, Grannymar. You’ll be able to forget Valentines and Easter next week – they’ll decorating the shops for Halloween.

    Sorry about the turds. I got a new Mashie Niblick and they’re going a bit further than I expected. Let me know if I get a hole in one?

  5. We have Hot Cross Buns in the supermarkets ALL YEAR ROUND . . . but we have to wait until Easter before the chocolate chip variety are available at Baker’s Delight!

  6. Marketers’s dreams all came to true fruition when just about everyone in the world walked around in clothing and shoes emblazoned with their logos and messages – human billboards. Stuffing us with V-cards and E-eggs way ahead of time seems mild to me in comparison.

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