What do you use your Knickers for?

I have often repeated the phrase: ‘Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!’ Well today I did get what I asked for.

I was looking for something to smile or laugh about, and I hope you can hear me right now. My eyes need wipers on the fast speed.

While checking through the 83 subscriptions in my Google Reader I came across this beauty from Guardian Unlimited.

A large pair of knickers saved the day in northern England after they were used to smother a household kitchen fire.

Jenny Marsey’s size 18-20 cotton briefs were used to put out a frying pan fire, which started when an extractor fan fell on the cooker while her son and nephew were frying some bread at the house in Hartlepool.


Jenny Marsey from Hartlepool holds up her size 18-20 knickers

which were used to stop a fire at her home. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

Jenny aged 53, said the blue cotton knickers were from Marks & Spencer, and were a few years old.

“I call them my emergency ones,” said Jenny 53 and the mother of four. “They’re the ones you wear when you’ve run out of all your others!”

These M&S Knickers were good enough for Margaret Thatcher and Bridget Jones!

Do you think if I got some I might have more success with the Toyboys


10 thoughts on “What do you use your Knickers for?

  1. You and your toyboys!! I heard that story on the news this morning it was quite amusing, so if we have a fire I could produce quite a few pairs of those and I can see I’m in good company !!

  2. Ian I realise that. I think I used that picture last January. Mind you with the weather promised for the UK overnight I would need all of those pants on at once!

    Chris to get the full effect you need to read it with a Hartlepool accent!

  3. Haha! I knew there was more than comfort involved in me Bridget Joneses, they might not be pretty but they’re certainly practical! (unlike the waste of pegs that ClareBear calles undies, they wouldn’t put out a cigarette!)

  4. WWW, maybe the thought of me in those blue knickers has sent all the Toyboys running!

  5. Good Lord some people have no shame. Although I remember when I was a small child my grandmother used to cut up my grandpa’s old vests and jocks and use them as dish clothes. I swear to God, my mother goes ballistic when I tell people about that heh.

    Happy you enjoyed the holidays and have a happy new year!

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