Nominations are open….

Nominations for the Irish Blog awards 2008 are now open.

Now think carefully. Irish Blog Awards Logo

The rules are different this year.

You, the Blog readers get to work at this stage. Think back over the many Blogs and blog posts that caught your heart or attention since last March. Remember the ‘Archives’ on each blog are there to help you.

You fill in the form for the category you think your choice is most suitable. Any person that nominates a blog for every category will have their nomination treated as spam and that nomination will be deleted.

“New nomination system, new judging system and a restriction on the number of categories you can be nominated in. This means there’s more chance for smaller blogs to get through and combined with no public vote this year, it means it’s not a popularity contest that gets you to the second round. So, to be clear, all nominated blogs will get judged in round 1 and whittled down and some will go forward to round 2 where the judging gets a lot tougher.”

Please note that if a blog is nominated for Best Blog then it can only be nominated for one other category excluding Best Blog Post. Choose wisely.

Go here to nominate your favourite Irish blogs.

There are so many blogs of talent that have come to my notice in this last year. There are a couple that have brought me to tears on many occasions, sometimes tears of joy or fun, and at others tears that pulled at my heart strings. I need to go re-read and whittle them down.

Good luck to all and may the best person win.

1 thought on “Nominations are open….

  1. Thanks for all that, Grannymar.

    It looks like a good system and will hopefully cut out the ‘fix’ factor.

    Homework never looked such fun! 🙂

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