Thursday Special ~ Job Application

Guy filling in form for HR

Form filling 1

Section 10 ~ Emergency Contact

Next of Kin Father
Contacts Relationship to You Friendly, but respectful

I wonder did he get the job?


5 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Job Application

  1. Grannymar – was it signed ‘Bertie Ahern’ by any chance? Our Taoiseach must’ve got a civil servant to help him fill out this form as I doubt he could spell respectful 😉

  2. Syeph, alas I didn’t see the signature. But it would suit many of those in political world.

  3. Steph, I’ll start again.

    My keyboard is acting up again. Unlike Grandad’s dog it types the wrong letters.

    I didn’t see the signature. But it would suit so many Politicians in our world today .

  4. Steph, Santa had a very heavy load for me as it was.

    I need to unknot my fingers and type more slowly.

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