Shopping for Presents


If you had to buy a present for Grannymar….

What would it be?





19 thoughts on “Shopping for Presents

  1. So, GM, you mentioned bedsocks, booze and batteries.. Does that mean your gift has to start with a B?

    OK, How about some specially baked BROWNIES? You know, the kind with an extra ingredient.

    Watch the post, I’m firing up the oven as we speak…

  2. Brownies! Elly was in the Brownies – junior section of Girl Guides! 😉

    Nancy I love chocolate brownies. Mmmm!

  3. Grannymar,

    I fear the PSNI would be taking you in if they caught a whiff of B Toklas Brownies!

    If it has to be B, I think some nice spring Bulbs would be good up there in the far North

  4. How about:
    A Bentley with chauffeur and toyboy?
    Or maybe
    A Boat with a couple of young sailors?
    A Bouquet of spring flowers – and a Basket of Bluebells?

    In virtuality of course.

  5. Ian ~ Spring Bulbs always give me a lift>

    WWW ~ A Bentley with chauffeur and toyboy sounds wonderful.

  6. Grannymar – you should always receive gifts gracefully! 😉

    Hope you’re enjoyed a good day with Elly?

    My whirlwind arrives in off a US flight at breakfast time tomorrow – can’t wait!

  7. Well has to begin with B? A Bloody new ticker! Then you could hop on a plane and drink gin and tonics with me in the summer whilst the rest of Ireland laments the cold!

  8. How is the garden?

    I think you would need some garden re-work this summer by a bunch of toy-boys and a cute designer….

    Any particular twinkle in the eye that you would like to see stripped to the waist an mucky in your back?
    I’m sure you might have to get some offers of help with video blogging for the garden makeover 🙂

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