Dear Keith…

Dear Keith, the man with the rib crushing hugs!Keith Bohanna & GM

My Elly has gone mad altogether! It must be all this Christmas Spirit.

Her latest suggestion is for Me, yes little old me to offer my help with Creative Camp in Kilkenny on Saturday March 8th 2008. *(GM thinks – Toyboys, plenty of Toyboys)*

Now I ask you why would you want my help and anyway what could I do up here in Norn Iron?

Now darling, if you think of a way to use my talents… don’t tell the daughter or she might want to interfere! 😉

Ever faithful,


11 thoughts on “Dear Keith…

  1. Keith ~ Even Grannymar girls?

    No major sewing tasks or weddings to help with in 2008, so if I can do things from here well and good.

    I’ll email tomorrow.
    tkx Toy boy

  2. K8 ~ I have the garter. I put it on today and will practice my French on the Postman!

    Steph ~ Shh! They know nothing about the Zimmer or the wooden leg!

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