I have some BAD news for you!

Now Ladies and Gentlemen just stop right now whatever you are doing!

Are you over 30? Nearly forty?

Then the signs are not good!

I was checking my RSS Feeder this morning and while reading through the postings of my regular blogging friends I came across this little Gem:

Facebook founder/media-golden-boy, 24-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, had this advice for aspiring technology entrepreneurs while speaking at a tech conference last spring “I want to stress the importance of being young and technical,’ he stated. ‘If you want to found a successful company, you should only hire young people with technical expertise… Young people are just smarter.”

Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By has a very interesting post on the ‘delights’ of Facebook with comments that stretch almost across the Atlantic. They are all worth reading.

I hope that in 20 years time some young buck still wet behind the ears, stands up at a meeting to remind Mark Zuckerberg of these words!

Maybe I will still be around to smile!

11 thoughts on “I have some BAD news for you!

  1. Oh thanks, now the hair is standing up on the back of my neck as well. The nerve of that punk… They may be smarter ( and I say that loosely) however, most of them do not know loyalty to their employers.. Wonderful customer service.. commitment to their jobs (I’LL MAKE THE COFFEE AND DO THE WINDOWS IF NECESSARY) come in early and leave late.. sound familiar? Do you think kids do that today. First questions when I interview. How many breaks, vacation and sick days. Oh and what about benefits.

    Really…what a jerk.

    Thanks grannymar..hope I’m with you in that room….
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your gram

  2. Well that’s just crazy talk from Mark. Young(er) people are more likely to be familiar with a current fad or craze and be willing to work through the night because they don’t have a family to share their life with, but with age comes experience.

    For the most part, I’d rather work with someone with a couple of years experience working in the real world under his belt than a graduate straight out of college. My boss Matt is an extraordinary exception, guy has brains to burn and is only in his early twenties. Not every twenty-something is like him though.

  3. Donncha I agree with you. No matter what degrees a person has on paper, a little knowledge gained from the University of Life over several years makes all the difference.

  4. I agree with Ronni that if you replaced the word ‘young’ with black, white, jewish, gay . . .there would be an uproar. I work and play with a lot of young people from 19 – 25 . . .very few I might add are ‘technical’. Most are still living at home bludging off their parents (including my own I might add) and can barely crank up a PC let alone maintain it. The assumption that only the young are capaable of managing technology is simply ludicrous.

    And if this guy Zuckerberg is so frigign’ smart . . why is facebook constantly presenting with error messages and apologies for applications that don’t work, it’s slow, it’s cumbersome and I’m only on it to keep track of my youngling while she travels. I’m glad for his success, he saw a niche and went for it but I wouldn’t want to work in his creche for quids! Give me a wealth of experience, control of my emotional self, dedication to duty and all the attributes that come with age anyday!

  5. Sadly I have to agree with Zuckerburg. I’m an ex-IT professional and I can assure you that once you hit 40 it gets really hard to keep up with all the new product developments. There comes a time when you simply lose that desire to learn yet another language, development platform or operating system.

    Remember, he’s talking about startup ITC companies, and unless you’ve ever been caught up in that particular form of insanity, you have no idea how much energy sapping time and effort is required from everyone involved, and that’s something older people and people with families have in very short supply (in other words, people with a life outside the job).

    Just though I’d give a balancing viewpoint (I probably need a hobby or something to stop me wandering around the blogosphere).

    PS. My comment only applies to ITC startups, in all other cases it’s simply ageism which is both illegal and immoral.

  6. Welcome Willowtree.

    ‘people with a life outside the job’ – surely that is the proper way to live!

    A Career is not a life, it is a JOB!

    Remember the old saying, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

  7. A 20 year old smarter than a 50 year old ?

    Show me that 20 year old with 50 years life experience, I’ll still tie him in knots…

    Because I’m 51 🙂

    As Mohamed Ali once said, “A 50 year old who still has the same opinions that he had when he was 20 has just wasted 30 years of his life”

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