Un-Christmas Shopping

Yesterday I was at a new branch of the Tesco Supermarket Chain in Ballymena. Among the purchases I selected was a bottle of flavoured vinegar. There was a price on the shelf edge and a barcode on the bottle. When I get to the check-out I am told they cannot sell it to me and move it aside.

“Why?” I ask.

“There is no price in the system” said the checkout girl.

“If there is no price in the system, why is the item on the shelf?” I ask. “I am willing to pay for it and it has a Barcode on the side. If you have no price that is not my fault and think you should give it to me free!”

An assistant was called and sent back for another bottle to see if it would scan. This second one would not scan either so ‘my’ bottle was moved further out of my reach. That got my goat up so I was determined to stand my ground, and Elly will tell you a cross Grannymar is not a happy bunny.

Having paid for and packed my goods I went to the Service desk. Having told my story I was informed all the managers were at a meeting. I called the girls bluff and said I would wait. I needed to calm down and a rest so waited. Otherwise I would have interrupted the meeting (taking place in a corner of the shop floor beside the entrance).

I left the store some 15 minutes later with the vinegar, which I paid for.

12 thoughts on “Un-Christmas Shopping

  1. You definitely should have got that for free, for all the time it took. I’m always complaining in my local supermarket (Sainsburys)when things aren’t quite right and I do quite well out of it!

  2. Chris I was rather tired so I sat it out. Had it been another day I would have gate-crashed the meeting and informed the managers and any customers about that I was a customer and a dis-satisfied one at that!

    I have taken on the Big Boys in the past and won!

  3. There’s a song by John Spillane called “The Dunnes Stores Girl” – a love song actually – one line in it goes Like a jumped up little manager in a suit that doesn’t rhyme. I can never look at a manager in any supermarket without that running through my mind.

  4. Primal ~ Thanks for the link. That song will stay in my head all day now.

    WWW ~ We need to start a Crusade ‘Stand up to the Big Boys’!

  5. Well done! Grannymar

    I’m fully behind you in your crusade. The customer simply doesn’t exist any more.

    I have a real bee in my bonnet about special offers. “Buy one, get second half price” This of course makes people buy more than they wanted and because everyone is in such a hurry these days, they don’t check their receipts. I always look at mine before I leave a check-out and more often than not, I find that “the system” hasn’t been adjusted to make a reduction. I stand my ground until the point is proved and a refund is given. My other half says that the shop managers probably groan when they see me coming into their shop!

  6. Steph let them groan away. You are a Customer and remember ‘The Customer is always right!’

    Ireland, ALL of it is full of whingers who love to wallow in moans instead of taking their complaints to those who can do something about it.

  7. Nelly my gripe was not with the assistant, it was with the system, and I told her so.

    It is the invisible Big Boys who make these stupid rules about how a store should be run with no regard for the customer.

    Sexist as it may be (blame my age) but Supermarket layouts are designed by Men who NEVER do the shopping! I have spent half my lifes shopping time handing down items from the top shelves to people 5ft and less.

  8. Hoof Hearted, the word ‘spunk’ has given me food for another post… I will show how I used my ‘spunk’ with the Big Boys. Watch out for it in about a week!

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