Who would be Santa?

My bed was a mess this morning. I had a disturbed night. It seldom happens, but last night I was dreaming! Serves me right for drinking that Punch!

Some of it is coming back to me now….

“The bags are packed …and he’s ready to go!” So the song goes and the elves were singing it. They have worked long and hard over the past months, making sorting and packing all the items for the sleigh. All the sacks stood by the door ready to go on the sleigh. The elves were wrapped up and outside all set to line up the Reindeer into position and put on the harness for the journey. They stood two by two. First there were Dasher & Dancer, then next stood Prancer & Vixen, closely followed by Comet & Cupid and lastly Donder & Blitzen. With all of these fine fellows in line, Rudolph being an old hand. walked to the front of the line and took his place…..

I must have dosed off because the next thing I realised was that the sleigh was packed and with a great Ho! Ho! HO! Santa was waving to Mrs Claus and all the elves… and then look what happened:

All that planA flat reindeerning and checking his lists and reindeers fed etc. then a reindeer keels over….

This was a calamity so the reindeer were un-harnessed and the sacks of Toys and games were returned to the house…….

Back in the land of my dreams I realised we were moving and heard Santa mutter to himself “With only 24 hours to travel to all the children right round the world this is not the way to begin”. The bags were not as neatly packed this time and Santa found it hard to get comfortable. Nevertheless there was no going back now, it was onward and upward.

Santa's error

Arriving at the first house Santa made his way down the chimney struggling with a very full sack. It felt a little different for the list he had for the household.

When he opened the sack he had a great shock, “This never happened before” he said, ” How did I get the dirty washing? Wait until I get back home, the elves will know all about it. It is a good job I have the bag of spare toys!”

The last part I remember really shocked me and I covered my eyes…

What Santa sees

I hope it was not Elly & George!

8 thoughts on “Who would be Santa?

  1. Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Hmmm…The psychoanalyst in me feels there may be some wishful thinking going on here. Do you have a blue stripey couch by any chance?

    I’m a bit worried about the reindeer keeling over however 😉

  2. Steph, alas there are no stripes in my house.

    Mind you if I had a stripy couch, Elly would be up the road in a flash!

  3. I would love to be Santy, grant it I am finding it incredable difficult to get into the christmas spirit this year but all in all I think Santy rocks. I would even settle for Misses Claus I wouldn’t mind being a kept woman.

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