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Slowly ageing like good wine, while sitting a few miles north of Belfast as the end of another year approaches I have a few minutes to take up a challenge set before me last month by Grandad. It is one of those meme thingys! I am to write a post using all my tags.

I begin by letting my mind wander back over the major events of life during my past twelve months.

Back at the beginning of the year I introduced Nancy to the world of blogs and to Grandad! After the nominations for the Blog Awards were announced she discovered the true identity of Grannymar. I met Nancy about 25 years ago although I was aware of her existence and her good deeds for at least 20 years before that.

My health kept me in touch with my doctors at times but it did not prevent me from blogging, Podcasting or attending the Irish Blog Awards in Dublin where I had the opportunity to meet several Toy boys in person!

I continued with my sewing for Elly and we spent some time shopping for my outfit for the wedding.

Whenever I had a few moments for myself I tried to increase my knowledge of technology and found myself at Podcamp Ireland, in Kilkenny in September.

The Hi-light of my year were of course the celebrations for the beginning of a new chapter of family history with Elly & my Sin-in-Law George’s wedding before family & friends and it was followed by plenty of good food, drink, fun & laughter.

The day was filled with personalities aged from Granddads to very young children. Stories & tales of my past were told bringing back a way of life almost forgotten nowadays. These stories covered information, knowledge, learning, handy tips for holidays and were all told with humour building an inheritance of memories for all to share and also providing me with masses of material for blogging.

During Elly’s childhood amongst the facts of life that John, her dad and I taught her were to count her blessings, how to use the phones to wish her Granny a happy birthday and the pleasure of travel. She was a good pupil learned her lessons well, and she has travelled far and wide always remembering to phone her mother to say ‘I love you!’, no matter where she landed.

I am not sure if this can be filed in funnies.

8 thoughts on “Uncategorized Post

  1. And what did I say when I first discovered that Grannymar was my old friend? I remember exactly… “You could have knocked me over with a feather…”

    Thanks to you I have enjoyed reading several blogs each day and commenting to them or just “Lurking” and hoping not to be discovered.

    You are a very good influence on me, GM.

    Love and all good wishes to you for 2008………

  2. Grandad ~ Thank you kind Sir.

    Nancy ~ I was so pleased to introduce you to the world of bloggers. I will gladly share your ‘Love and all good wishes to you for 2008………’ with all who visit Grannymar.

  3. Grannymar . . I’m not one for gratuitous complements but you are truly a gem and I’m proud to count you among my valued commentersand one of my much loved Skype buddies. You are amazing with your technical know-how and home grown philosophy.. ClareBear’s love of travel was also nurtured by me in her formative years . . I’m not sure in retrospect it was a wise move but as long as she comes on home when she’s sowed her wild oats, I will be happy. I love our chats and Nancy is simply a delight. I am constantly amazed at the lovely people I have never met and count you among the nicest. I will not visit the Northern Hemisphere without at least making my presence known, time permitting, we’ll enjoy a summer G & T in your garden next year!

  4. WWW ~ Thank you. Nancy is a wonderful YOUNG old friend!

    Baino ~ my head is swollen and my chest puffed out with all the nice things you say.

    Give ClareBear her wings and let her fly, she will return when she is ready having had the corners knocked off, soaked up the world outside and become well rounded from all the experiences.
    PS The first thing she will miss is her Mammy!

  5. Welcome Dorothy,

    Read, listen away and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a comment and join in the banter.

    No harm in leaving your blog addie but by clicking on your name at the head of the comment readers can go right over to your blog. I am on my way too!

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