A day without laughter

A day without laughter is a day wasted. If that is the case then I have wasted two whole days. Perhaps its the weather and the lack of sunshine. I keep telling myself that it is, but in my heart of hearts I know that it is the approach of the jingly jangle season. No matter where you go you are deafened with ‘Sleigh Bells Ringing’ when in fact the only thing ringing are cash registers.

Everyone suddenly becomes so busy and can be heard chanting ‘I must do….’, ‘I have to do….’ or ‘We were invited to… and can’t get out of it!’ People rush about buying smelly soap for Auntie Jean when what she really needs is a bloody good meal and a couple of hours of attention. Does Uncle Peter have to have socks again for the twentieth time? Have you ever sat and listened to what he would really like? It might surprise you if you did.

Any day now I will be asked a question, well to be truthful I have been asked several times already “I suppose you will be going south for Christmas”? That is the way they ask questions in this town. I have a daughter down there and they assume that I will drive down to annoy her for the festive season. Why would I do that? Elly is newly married and has to be allowed to put her own stamp on how to spend Christmas.

I have had invitations over the years but having listened to various friends moan about having to invite mother, mother-in-law, sister, cousin or aunt when all they want is to be alone with their family, I decided that the best place for me was here in my own little castle. Inviting somebody one year might be wonderful, repeating it year in and year out can become a drag for all concerned.

I will get up when I like, cook the food I like, when I like, light the fire, have a drink and toast all my loved ones and friends, read a book or listen to some nice music and I can always watch a DVD on the computer even if I have no TV.

So if you meet me on the street don’t ask! Just wish me a nice quiet Christmas and you will have a friend for life.

May your Christmas be just the way you like it!


8 thoughts on “A day without laughter

  1. Right on! Grannymar

    I really admire your honesty. This should be compulsory reading for all in the lead up to biggest anticlimax ever created.

    If you want a laugh today – go over to Baino and I guarantee her pic will make you smile 😀

  2. Oh I so agree GM.
    My daughter and I were saying the other day that one of the happiest Seasons we ever had was getting in the car, us 3 generations, and heading down to the beach in South Carolina on Xmas Eve and bailing out of the whole scene. Now we celebrate the Solstice, Dec 21, limit of $10/gift and all you can give to the more disadvantaged. this year I’ll be on the road on Xmas Day heading back to Ontario thus bypassing the whole hypocritical and hysterical event. How on earth did we get so far removed from any kind of sanity around the season, I guess it’s the mind-numbing, ear-bending, endless marketing of Big Corp.

  3. Now what will I do? I booked and paid for that dance troupe ‘The Toy Boy Experience’ to entertain you on Christmas Day and now you say you want a quiet one.Like, they’re the best ‘jingly janglys’ in the business. You haven’t seen anyone jingle their jangles the way the ‘Toy Boy Experience’ jingle theirs. Maybe next year? 🙂

  4. You are so right. Everyone gets so worked up trying to create something that they don’t even want. You have the perfect attitude. I admire you 🙂

  5. It’s been years since I spent yer man’s birthday with anyone other than the dog. I genuinely prefer it this way. The whole thing means absolutely nothing to me and I refuse to pretend there’s something to celebrate and go through the motions.

  6. I wondered when I wrote this post if there would be a chorus of “Scrooge” or “Party Pooper”!

    I am relieved to see that I am not alone in my thinking.

    Cyber how thoughtful but ‘Toy Boy Experience’ might be a bit much for my heart!

  7. Ah now . . I was tempted to throw in a Scrooge but each to his own I say. (and GM you have particular reason not to be too celbratory I guess).

    Personally, I like Christmas, it’s one of the few times, our wayward family connects so it’s very important to us. What’s most important, is to celebrate it in your own way and not bow to the commercialism . . .mia culpa I fear, the event is what you make of it. Now, where are my schparkly christmas lights and Christmas crackers.

  8. Baino Welcome home! It is good see you online again. Rest plenty.

    Now can I intrest you in come candles? I have a drawerful since last Christmas!!!

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