7 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Phew! Relieved to hear that all is well at Grannymar stables.

    Isn’t it amazing how much else gets done when the computer goes on the blink 😉

  2. Yep! we had a power cut last night, so I went to bed! The radio and lights everywhere came on at 1a.m.

  3. Wrapping Pressies! Am I the most disorganised Christmas shopper in the world or what? I’ve bought one! Ah well at least my niece will be happy this Christmas. Sorry about the heat. If the power goes off here it’s no big deal except for the possibility of the fridge defrosting.

  4. Baino did I say they were my pressies? Elly came up a couple of weeks ago did her shopping and left it all with me for wrapping.

    I am really Santa’s helper! I never mind do her stuff, I just hate the whole christmassy thing. Would not mind sleeping from now to 26th Dec.

  5. GM – may I join the sleeping club too please?

    I do enjoy some aspects of Christmas especially renewing contact with old friends but I have great trouble coping with having Christmas shoved in our faces earlier and earlier each year.

    I remember one year when the children were small and we all got a dose of nasty flu in the week before Christmas. It was a great lesson on how simple pleasures in life often turn out to be the best. We had no choice that year but to batten down the hatches and hibernate. No mad shopping, no silly parties, no sitting in traffic jams, no fridge stuffed with unwanted food and yet we still had a good time. The children were so low they didn’t open their stockings until tea time but to see the joy then on their poor little faces was the best Christmas present ever!

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