Safety on the Interweb


We are constantly reminded how important it is to keep a close eye on our children’s use of computers and the Internet. Now at this stage you all know I try to be a responsible mother and I do my best to check up on all Elly’s comings and goings on the ‘net’.

Since she is so far away I find it difficult to keep up to date with what she is at. You could say that all the effort has me worn out.

Now my Elly has no difficulty keeping a close eye on me! I get these ‘Now Mother!’ notes and phone calls; it might be just as well that I don’t have her living next door to me or all my secrets would be revealed!

This week she was lurking among my vital Google statistics and look what she found.


1. grandad sex

2. wood briquettes

3. a coffee in achill

4. germs are everywhere

5. grannies toyboys

6. granny and grandad sex

7. grannymar

8. sexy granny

9. toyboys

10. ‘count your garden by the flowers.

People think I have toy boys on the brain, well let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth.

What really worries me is all this sex stuff! I have never had sex with a granddad. I don’t want to know about sex with a granddad and as for Granny & Grandad’s sex life, well that is their secret!

Is it any wonder my hair turned grey?

I will go with No. 10 and count my garden by the flowers, alas there are not many flowers these days!


4 thoughts on “Safety on the Interweb

  1. Steph, you are a hard task master! I am not sure it would make good reading. But i will keep it in mind.

  2. Thanks Baino.

    Do you think he will let me tie him up with the ropes?

    Where’s my spray!!!!

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