Test Post from Windows live Writer

Today I have taken another step deeper into the world of technology.

I downloaded Windows live Writer. It was slower than I had anticipated. Like every other step along this road I WILL learn and get used to it. So why did I do it?

Well I am not really the jealous type, but that fellow Grandad boasted that he had Live Writer and I said to myself if he can use it then there is no excuse for me. So this is my very first attempt and I want to find out what all these little icons on the side are.

Now here goes

1. Insert Hyperlink… that worksGrandad

2. Insert Picture …

Oh gosh! That worked better than I thought.

So pay heed to the poster he lurks everywhere!

3. Insert Table… now let me think…

Crocker Tavern Dining Room

Now that was heavy lugging the table around so I think I will save the rest for tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Test Post from Windows live Writer

  1. Ah! Fair enough.

    Now let’s see how you get on with “Insert Video” šŸ™‚

    [If it’s any help, you can rent one from the local video shop]

  2. Oooh . . Looks interesting. Can you place pictures adjacent to each other. I’m getting bored with single shots centred under passages of text. I’ll give it a bash while I’m at home doing NOTHING in a couple of weeks *exasperated sigh*. That ‘table’ looks vaguely familiar!

  3. Baino, Grandad is the expert, I am blindly bungling my way along.

    I placed the poster on the right and then discovered I could type along side it.

    The table was used earlier in ‘I slept in that bed’.

  4. Ooohh that is impressive alright. Ok ok, I’ll download it now. It’ll be worth the 9 hours it takes to get it by the looks of things. Poxy dial-up.

  5. K8, Dial-up is a real pain.

    Once downloaded Live Writer should make uploading posts easier.
    (I think!).

  6. Conor I would say yes except I lost my voice and cannot sing.

    If you find it will you let me know?

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