2 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Bag (Podcast)

  1. A fascinating story! Those were the days when people had to be carefully nursed back to full health and not just filled full of antibiotics.

    I can still sense your disappointment at not being allowed to play with the treasures in that bag. Brothers – huh! I’m very glad to hear it was Susie they practised on!!! And as you say, used needles have a very different meaning today.

    My children had to make do with a Fisher-Price kit and a Nurses’ outfit (made by Granny) and we added real bandages for fun. They spent endless happy hours playing ‘hostible’.

  2. This story brought back so many memories for me. I can remember our Doc having such a bag when I was a child. When I left nursing to have my children I was able to get quite a lot of medical equipment and my children grew up playing with real bandages and syringes (plastic by the 60’s) but no needles. They had great fun.

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