I got an Answer..

Back last January in The Average Person I mentioned a radio programme on Radio Eireann.

‘I remember one school day as lunchtime approached and our thoughts turned to hot food and going home (mind you in those far off days we called it dinnertime) my chum asked me what day it was. She knew by the day of the week what was on the menu at home. I thought that this was crazy because we never knew until we reached the front door and a ‘Bisto Kid’ style aroma met us and made us drool! Friday was the only exception when we had fish. This varied with the season and it was still a surprise for us. The only things we knew for certain were that Terry Wogan graced the airways of RTE on a Wednesday with Hospitals Requests or that the Kennedys of Castle Ross had a twice weekly spot.

A gentleman called Ralph came across the post on 19th September and asked if anyone could recall the name of the theme tune and also who performed it.

Being the gentle helpful lady ould biddy that I am, my request for help was answered yesterday!

Kieran Daly tells me that ‘The music is called The Fair Day. It is an excerpt from An Irish Symphony by the composer Hamilton Harty’. I do hope that Ralph is following the blog otherwise I have no way of letting him have the answer.’

The moral of the story is never give up! You never know when someone will come across a blog request and give a helpful answer.

Oh dear! How many times have I looked for a toyboy????


2 thoughts on “I got an Answer..

  1. hmmmm…i have a few friends at loose ends. Mostly, in fact, they hang around watching me work. Perhaps if I knew your requirements, one of them might…ah, er, be available to ‘visit’ you…

  2. Grannymar – I’ve been away all day and I come back and find you’ve gone missing!


    The computer swallowed Grannymar
    Yes, honestly it’s true
    She pressed ‘control’ and ‘enter’
    And disappeared from view

    It devoured her completely,
    The thought just makes me squirm
    She must have caught a virus
    Or been eaten by a worm.

    I’ve searched through the recycle bin
    And files of every kind
    I’ve even used the Internet
    But nothing did I find

    (except a visit to Grandad!)

    In desperation, I asked Grandad
    My searches to refine
    The reply from him was negative
    Not a thing was found ‘online’.

    So, if inside your ‘Inbox’
    Grannymar you should see
    Please ‘Copy’, ‘Scan’ and ‘Paste’ her
    And send her back to me! (us)

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