Should I look for a Lodger?

At times this living alone lark is not much fun.

I have toyed with finding a lodger.

It might be nice to have someone to greet first thing in the morning and last thing at night. A friend to come home to after a days visiting or shopping, who will not ask “Why did you buy that?”

I need a friend, who will accept and eat the food I prepare, encourage me to take more exercise, either scrunching through autumn leaves or playing at the water’s edge on a beach.

Trying to get myself ready for this life changing experience I have added a new picture on my desktop. Please tell me if you approve.


Now I need a name. ‘Sox’, was my first suggestion but that is very ordinary.

I then thought of ‘Sexy Sox’, now that has more of a ring to it!

Oh dear! That will not do either!

Can you imagine me in the park or at the beach calling aloud:

“Here Sexy Sox! Come here Sexy Sox!”

Somehow I don’t think so….

16 thoughts on “Should I look for a Lodger?

  1. How about ‘toy boy’?

    You could have great fun telling people that you have to go home to play with your toy boy!

  2. Grannymar,

    You had his name in your second sentence.

    Maybe you could call him” Lodger” “Loddie” for short.

  3. Arthur.

    Although when I was very young my grandma’s next door neighbour had a Yorkie with a ribbon in its hair, apparently all Yorkies are born with ribbons in their hair.

    She called it Tiny, for thats what it was, so small was it that you only knew it was there because she kept talking to it, a bit like keeping a pet flea.

    But you’re right – in my house of women and those long periods when they do not talk to me for some indescretion or another, Jake our Golden Retriever is the only one who is constantly delighted to see me – I know its mainly about food with GR but still, its nice to be wanted for something.

  4. Steph ~ When I am invited for dinner or to a party, I usually ask if there will be toy boys. One of these days someone will call my bluff and I am not sure who will be more embarrassed, the toy boy or me!

    Nancy ~ ‘Rodger the Lodger’ it does have a ring to it.

    Gary ~ Not sure about Arthur, it might catch in the dentures! 😉

  5. Oh do do GM. Adorable.
    Now assuming male I would suggest ‘buachail breagan’ which is of course toy boy ‘as Gaeilge’. Boo for short, or BB.

  6. I can highly commend dog ownership . . .I’d be lost without my Lily . .
    How bout De Fur . . ‘d’ fur dog! (ok it’s lame!)

  7. Oooh he is gorgeous. Call him ermm Charlie or Ben. I’d tuck him up in bed beside me. I currently share a bed with an Alsation, his wee little brother and my cat. Tiny used to sleep beside us as well (Lord rest him). And don’t worry bed clothes are changed daily.

  8. Now I am confused! (“No change there” I hear George saying!)

    All these names n- I need a long think about it!

  9. I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of little, yappy dogs. To me his expression is him deciding whether to go for the juggler vein or the caratic artery. Though my eldest sister has a West Highland Terrier that is a nice, fun dog that is also capable of chasing down and eliminating a groundhog. So why not name something like Spike, Butch or Thor?

  10. Mum had a dog like that one. He arrived as a pair with a small toy poodle. Sort of fostered them for a while.

    They were called (Marlin) Brando – The poodle and Cassius (Clay) the terrier

    Talk about punching above your weight.

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