An open letter to:

Mr Tony Blair Ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and President George W Bush of the United States of America.

Dear Gentlemen,

Together you decided to march into Iraq and start a war. It was not with my consent or permission, and now Mr Blair, you have sailed off into the sunset soon to be joined by your good friend George W. We poor souls are left with the debacle because neither of you have found a way to withdraw without both losing face.

I am paying over and again for this dreadful disaster. Food prices have soared and today I am punished once more. Being old and cold I need plenty of winter fuel to warm my bones. My bungalow is plumbed for oil fired central heating. And as mentioned before I light a real fire for an extra comfort.

Back in February this year I purchased 900 litres of heating oil which cost me Stg£278. Today I bought a further 900 litres and it cost exactly £100 more. Yes, today it cost Stg£378 to keep my tootsies warm for the winter months.

Dear Gentlemen, I am sure that with the goodness of your hearts you will find a way to refund the Stg£378 from either your Salary or pension without missing a cent of it.

Yours sincerely


9 thoughts on “An open letter to:

  1. You might be waiting a while for a reply, Grannymar.

    In the meantime – keep touching those tootsies to stay warm this winter!

  2. Well said, I’m dreading filling my heating oil tank. My tank holds nearly 2000 litres and I too filled it last Feb. It cost nearly two months state pension. So I’ll probably need to pawn something when I fill up before Christmas. My mother is always cold and likes the house a lot warmer than we do so I guess we use a lot of oil.

  3. Thank God for the sunshine. We heat for about 3 months with a little electric fan heater. No need for oil. Our petrol on the other hand is now $1.27 a litre, that’s .80 Euro . . .Our PM is planning the same trick as Tony Blair and has announced that if he wins the election this month, he’ll resign mid-term leaving the Treasurer, an immensely unpopular man to face rising interest rates, exhorbitant fuel prices and two major food chains who insist on blaming the drought for rising prices even though farmers are being paid less for their produce. Our troops remain in Iraq and Aftghanistan with three fatalities in the last two months . . .and the government spends the GDP of a small country on parking spaces for it’s employees!
    GrannyMar, invest in a pair of ugg boots! Ugly but practical.

  4. Steph ~ I don’t expect that either of them know of my existance.

    Chris ~ 2000 Lts, thats a large tank. Thankfully I don’t need one that size.

    Baino ~ I remember my Brother sending me a photo of a winter’s day in Melbourne. Blue skies everywhere and not a cloud in sight. I suppose the cold is the price we pay for water.

  5. My sympathies for your wallet, GM. I must admit to a feeling of hopelessness with the conditions of the world. The water crisis is also gaining on all of us. Bush and Blair with their heavy oil/contractor kickbacks are laughing their way to the aquifers in Paraguay (they own them) where they’ll hole up, like the rats they are, while the world burns up. Is there any alternative energy you could be using? Just asking.

  6. WWW ~ Oil fired central heating is the norm in my area. Piped gas has not reached us yet. I do have an open fire but that only heats the living room. I need the oil for the remainder of the house.

    I suppose I could try a toyboy! 😉

    Doc ~ Enough said…!

  7. Jaysus – £100 increase in less than a year, and a year when the gas prices have dropped too, thats outrageous.

    Just a suggestion – why not use the open fire in the living room and a an electric heater on a low thermostat setting in the bedroom and sod the rest of the house ?

    I know that when I accidently leave the electric heaters on in the office overnight, even on their lowest setting the place is as warm as toast in the morning.

  8. Gary you are on Mainland UK. Electricity prices here in Ulster – still part of the Uk – have no bearing on the price you pay. That short stretch of water between us is the excuse for everything being so much more expensive.

    I need heat! Sudden changes in temperature eg someone opening an internal door can cause my heart to go into spasm – and I go stone cold.

    Old age is a terrible thing, and I am not old YET!

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