How’s your BMI?

My mind was turning to lunch on Wednesday as I checked the last of the news items on my Google reader. I was mentally scanning my fridge and thinking a toasted bacon sandwich with a pot of Green tea was just the ticket for another dull day.

Then this BBC item caught my eye.

Be thin to cut cancer

Professor Martin Wiseman report author is quoted as saying

“Cancer is not a fate, it is a matter of risk, and you can adjust those risks by how you behave. It is very important that people feel that they are in control of what they do.”

Everyone must also aim to be as thin as possible without becoming underweight. People with a Body Mass Index (BMI), a calculation which takes into account height and weight, of between 18.5 and 25, are deemed to be within a “healthy” weight range. But the study says their risk increases as they head towards the 25 mark, and that everyone should try to be as close to the lower end as possible.

Recommendations from the report include:

Limit red meat
Limit alcohol
Avoid bacon, ham, and other processed meats
No sugary drinks
No weight gain after 21
Exercise every day
Breastfeed children
Do not take dietary supplements to cut cancer

So where do I stand?

I enjoy a good mixed diet and a glass of Wine or a G&T. I am more inclined to have a drink in company than on my own. Dairy products don’t like me and I never enjoyed sugary drinks, and do not take dietary supplements.

So what have I left out?

I exercise as much as possible and although at sixty I now weigh as much as I did the day before Elly was born 29 years ago, my BMI is 19.5. I come from a family of Whippets and do not possess weighing scales.

If I were to lose any more weight I would have to walk around gratings and not over them! 😉

As for Breastfeeding; I didn’t, I couldn’t and I have no intention of starting now!!!!

10 thoughts on “How’s your BMI?

  1. You beat me doing a post about this as it’s been so high on the agenda of all the media here. I don’t know my BMI but I do know it would be over safe limits (sigh) too much time at the computer!!! You might want to look at my Fri. post 🙂

  2. Thank you Chrisb for another award!

    By the way to avoid confusion, I have no idea who Sandy is.

  3. Baino we all are, so don’t take life too seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive!

    I want to see the men having twins first!


    Eat, drink and be merry – in moderation

    Regular exercise in the great outdoors (not gyms)

    Keep in touch with loved ones

    Reach out to others in need

    Attend to blog daily


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