Do you like Hallowe’en? (Podcast)


This is a Halloween story with a difference and not a nut in sight!



13 thoughts on “Do you like Hallowe’en? (Podcast)

  1. Hi Grannymar,

    Roy and I both listened to your story about meeting your husband,Jack, in Spain. It was very interesting and we both laughed at your expression “Holiday was put on the long finger” What does that mean? I know I say a lot of expressions that must sound strange to you and this was a new one on me.

    The part about the collection taker tripping and spilling the money was an added bit of fun.

    You know that almost everything reminds me of something else and the mishap is no exception. We had a happening at Mass once,too. My brother, Bob, was the altar boy at a Nuptual Mass and he and another fellow were lighting the high candles with the long pole that had the “Flame” on the end. Well, he set the other altar boy’s sleeve on fire and all H*** broke loose in the church. The priest came running out screaming at Bob about being so careless and he just kept berating my brother while the other altar boy stood there with the fire spreading to the rest of his outfit. He was almost completely in flames before another priest and a parishioner came up and threw him to the floor and smothered the flames. Meanwhile, the first priest is still screaming at my brother.

    Everyone thought it was very exiting except the bride who was waiting for the ceremony to begin.

    Keep your great stories coming. First I enjoy your tale and then I get to remember something that happened in my life that makes me smile.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the story Nancy.

    “Holiday was put on the long finger” is like taking a Rain Check on the holiday or putting it off until a later date.

  3. Told you there was a story there. So can the plot be used for a pink covered paperback book and the subsequent movie deal… But you’ll have to invite BlarneyMan to be your toyboy to the Oscars

  4. Certainly BlarneyMan!

    I was sorting through my blog posts to see what was suitable for your project. If this is the one you want feel free.

    For those of you wondering what we are talking about, follow me to my post on 2nd November 07. ‘Talking Shite’

  5. Enjoyed that! Grannymar. Thanks for sharing such a special memory 🙂

    Those were the good old days before package holidays went bananas!

    I well remember the summer of ’76 as it was the year I met my future husband. We met on a boat in the middle of Dublin Bay! Do you remember we had an endless heatwave that summer (poor old you must have been working through it)? Anyway, we set off with a little tent and camped for three weeks in the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides. It was like being in Greece. I’ll never forget the sunsets over the islands. I’ll never forget the mosquitoes either!!!

  6. Steph, we have something else in common, ’76!

    I thought the sun always shone back then! 😉

  7. Yep, ’76 was a good ‘un!

    btw It may have been hot but it wasn’t quite hot enough for mosquitoes. I meant to say midges. They ate us alive!

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