Today is the 30th of October

When I think of Thirty what comes to mind?

The age I was when I married

Thirty years since I married

Thirty days has September….

Thirty years war

Thirty pieces of Silver

Thirty is a tennis score

Half a Crown = 2s.6d = 30 old pennies

Three tens

Five sixes

Six fives

When you think of Thirty what comes to mind?

8 thoughts on “THIRTY

  1. Well, GM, you asked for it.

    When I think of 30, I think of the year 1958 when I turned 30.

    Here is what was happening that year.

    BOAC Brittania flew from London to New York in a record breaking 7 hours and 57 minutes.

    The Europeon Economic Community was formed.

    Sputnik 1 reenters Earth’s atmosphere and burns up.

    Cuban Revolutionary Forces capture Havana.

    Elvis Presley joins the Army.

    Egypt and Sudan form the United Arab Republic. Gamel Nasser is the first President.

    Books published ; Dr. Zhivago…. Breakfast at Tiffany’s….Exodus..

    Pope John XX111 begins his reign.

    United Kingdom’s first Motorway opens. Now part of the M6 and M55.

    General Charles de Gaulle is elected President of France with 78% of the vote.

    And finally: Saroya is divorced by the Shah of Iran when she cannot produce a child.

  2. Well, when I was 30, young DrummerBoy was born . . . pretty memorable event I assure, you. He was in a hurry and hasn’t stopped since!

  3. When I think of 30, GM, I always think of the signoff for newspaper articles.
    And oh yes, when I turned 30 I was langers for 3 days straight….

  4. Baino – the arrival of our little darlings etches a mark on our souls.

    WWW – ‘langers’ thats a word I have not heard for years!

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