Are you eating now?

On Wednesday in The Bag Lady I wrote of how I manage to get along without a handbag.

This morning I read the following from Health Magazine:

Recent studies found that most women’s purses/handbags had tens of thousands of bacteria on the bottom and a few were overrun with millions. Another study found bugs like pseudomonas (which can cause eye infections) and skin-infection-causing staphylococcus bacteria, as well as salmonella and E. coli.

Reduce the risk: Instead of slinging your bag on the floor, hang it on a hook whenever possible — especially in public bathrooms — and keep your bag off the kitchen counter. Stick with leather or vinyl purses, which are typically cleaner than cloth.And to scare you even more…

If you’re not careful, you might pick up more than quick cash from your local ATM. These buttons have more gunk on them than most public-bathroom doorknobs! ATMs aren’t frequently cleaned, and are regularly touched — a perfect combination for a lot of germs.

Reduce the risk: Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you and rub it on hands after visits. Also be sure to do it after you handle paper money, which actually carries quite a few germs, too.

How many of you go straight from an ATM to a Fast Food Carryout?

12 thoughts on “Are you eating now?

  1. Donncha we need to become more like Royalty – wear gloves at all times out of doors!

    I wonder how dirty my keys are????

  2. Grannymar,

    “We need to become more like royalty”… Are you telling me that the Queen uses an ATM machine?

    I have often wondered, and now I know ,what she carries in HER handbag! Alcohol based wipes in case she wants to go straight to McDonalds from the bank……

  3. I haven’t seen the bottom of my handbag for years . . .but I do have an aversion to public toilets which explains my extraordinary pelvic floor muscles! hehe

    mmm what about computer keyboards and one of the dirtiest things on the planet . . . money! How many filthy hands has that been through! Personally, I’m for the germs, helps build up resistance!

  4. Ah yes but the tips of pens and pencils harbour the most germs of all, apparently. Toilets aren’t all that bacterialismed really, being that urine is sterile so I’ve read. It’s just the idea that freaks us out! I never understood why girls hover over public loos. Anyway sure, isn’t a regular dose of bad bacteria good for strengthening the health?!

    It’s the bugs in me matress and duvet that really get my knickers in a twist. Not that I could be bothered washing them frequently, it’s just strange sharing a bed with so many wee beasties!!

  5. K8. I put the duvet and pillows out on the line for a couple of hours when I change the bedding. I love to do so on a frosty morning – freeze the cotton socks off the beasties 🙂

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