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Reading Happiness is by Ms Cellania late this afternoon, I was inspired to write a blog post (I was at the desperate stage today for ideas, so went outside to work out my frustration on the path at the side of my bungalow and the patio. Please don’t tell Elly or I will have to endure another lecture about overdoing things). Ms Cellania wrote about purchasing a handbag (purse as my American friends say) for her mother.

I always liked bags; they came for me only in second place to shoes. During the 60’s on any spring day walking down Grafton Street in Dublin, passing by Fitzpatrick’s Shoe Shop was as difficult for me as an alcoholic passing the open door of a pub. In my early working days the turn of a season was the opportunity to buy a new pair of shoes with a bag and gloves to match.

I am sure I mentioned before about my experiences of going for job interviews. We were expected to turn up not alone punctual, but clean, tidy and sporting a neat suit, hat with matching bag, shoes and gloves!

To this day I have a selection of bags in different colours, shapes and sizes. A couple of the more dressy bags for evening use were produced by my own fair hands.

Nowadays, unless I am expecting to be out for a full day it is more usual to see me sporting trousers with several pockets. Skirts leave the legs cold and they seldom have pockets. I now like pockets because they carry all the necessities I must have about me wherever I go.

In my left hand pocket I keep my GTN spray – it gives me the puff to chase Toyboys, mobile phone for emergency calls so Elly can keep track of where I go, and because it contains ICE numbers. In the other ones I keep tissues, a list of medical information that includes my name & address, contact details for my next-of-kin, doctor and details of the medication I must take and those to which I am allergic.

Finally I have this:


It is a small purse with two pockets. The smaller one is for coins while the larger pocket contains various cards and bank notes. On one corner I have punched a hole to attach a ring and have added to it all the necessary keys that I need to carry.

With all these items spread among my pockets I keep my hands free and am ready for anything. I don’t need to carry the kitchen sink with me everywhere I go and I no longer suffer back and neck ache from a heavy bag over my shoulder.

To add a little colour this is one of the bags I made from scraps:


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  1. Hello Grannymar,

    Wow! What a great ring of keys you carry. You could be the janitor at the YMCA…..Watch you don’t weigh down the ignition in your car with all that weight hanging on it.. What is that long brass old fashioned key? Do you have a door that is very old at your house? We have an old box lock like that,too and the key looks exactly like yours. And the funny little silver one next to the bag looks like an Estate Agent lock box key..

    On the subject of keys, GM ,a car dealer I was talking to recently told me that if you have two cars and each car has a electronic key, do NOT ever put the two keys on the same ring. Not good according to him. He said he was thinking of young couples who each have a car and each has the key to the other’s car; don’t keep both keys on the same ring.

    When I am going shopping, I always lock my handbag in the
    trunk of the car and only take a few dollars and my credit card with me. It frees me of carrying around a lot of heavy stuff I don’t need. The bad thing is, people see you walking in the shop with no bag and ask you where men’s shorts are.

    Oh! Well…

  2. Women and handbags and shoes! Sheesh 😉

    I have to say in all honesty, that is a seriously impressive looking handbag in the last picture. I cannot believe that it’s made out of scraps!

    I think you might have missed one of your callings 🙂

  3. Is that a flashdrive I see on the keyring, GM?? Your whole life in such a tiny space. WTG!
    I love your patchbag! Well done!
    I ‘m addicted to my “sacs du jours” as my daughters and granddaughters call them. Mainly of the knapsack variety now. I’m on a permanent hunt for the perfect one for the last oh forty mumble years, and like yourself, have made a few…….

  4. Nancy ~ the brass key is for one of the locks on my front door, and one of the newer ones in the bunch. Thanks for the info on the electronic keys. I hope all the younger readers take note.

    WWW ~ yes it is a Flashdrive. Since I don’t have a laptop it comes in handy when travelling down to Elly. I bring the info on my purse!

    Robert ~ I love that little bag.

    For the ladies out ther, I used fabric samples randomly placed and overstitched with free machining using a random coloured thread. The cording around the edges were made on the machine as well. At the time (15) years ago the local supermarket had plain silk square scarves on special offer. I bought three of the same colour and used two to make the lining with a zip pocket! The third went round my neck!

  5. I think they broke the mould with me, I have one shoulder bag but it contains my life. One glance and you can tell a lot about me (ah .. I feel a post coming on). It’s ugly but has all the zips and pockets for everything I need. If I need to go hands free, I have a leather back pack but it’s a pain to get things in and out of it. Love the little clutch purse. You’re a clever possum!

  6. I had to think about this a moment, the list is long. I have a huge range of handbags I inherited this from my mother we are obsessed. I have four different brief cases and three laptop carriers. Naturally the occasion will dictate who goes along. If I were to put anything in my pocket my mother would shoot me the most disapproving look. Whilst I am extremely organised I carry an enormous amount of stuff. Today was a long day with two meetings I was wearing a tweedyish kinda suit so my accessories included, a rather large brownish handbag the contents of which (I’m looking into now) is from the top, make-up bag, hairbrush, purse, A4 size diary, pain killers, sleeping tablets, mars bar, mobile, car keys, house keys, office keys, baby wipes, hanky’s, perfume, moisturiser and hand cream. Then we have the shinny shinny brown leather briefcase, it carries an A4 pad, two lever arch folders, pens and a calculator. Finally the laptop it is mashed into a sleeve zip thingy all on its ownie own!!

  7. Baino & Nonny,

    I served my time to carrying the kitchen sink around with me. I have it down to a fine art now. Now as fine as my mother did. In her latter years she went out with one gloveon her left hand – tucked inside it she had her money end of story!

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