5 thoughts on “S is for….. (Podcast)

  1. Grannymar,

    First, I have to say hello to Elly and tell her I am happy she is back. Hope you are in good form, Elly!

    I loved the story. It’s strange but we live an ocean apart and yet we have so many similar incidents.

    I also had a white Ford with red trim and used it in my sales job. Once, I had my customers in the car with me and were fairly far from home when the a hose broke and water shot everywhere and the car stopped dead. I called my office and they sent another car to pick us up and at the same time called a tow truck for my car.

    I gave my keys to the tow truck driver and got in the new car and went back to my office. THEN it dawned on me. I had no idea in the world who the tow truck guy was or where he had taken my car.

    After a lot of detective work I found the car at a dairy farm/car repair . All the cows were milling around my beautiful white car and rubbing up against it . Then the farmer/mechanic came out in dirty overalls with cow poop all over them and HE leaned against my car. That was too much and I quickly called another tow and had them take my car to my own mechanic who didn’t deal with cows. But by this time the car stunk to high heavens and they charged me extra because they had to wash it before any of the men would go near it and get cow poop on themselves.

    It’s a small world.


  2. Thank you Betty I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Nancy what a coincidence a) to have the same type of car and b) have similar things happen to them.

    Talking to Elly for the past hour. She is good but still very tired. She needs to switch off for a few days.

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