9 thoughts on “A Senior Moment (Podcast)

  1. Grannymar,

    I did enjoy the story of your routine (boringly like my own) and the saga of the missing keys.

    What I do when I have lost something is, I look for it for about 10 minutes and if it is not found in that time, I turn the case over to St. Anthony and forget about it.

    Sure enough, in a few minutes I will walk right over to the spot where the missing article is and lay my hands right on it. Seldom fails.

  2. Update on Elly.

    She was admitted to St James Hospital last night and will be there for a few days. The rash has everyone confused. Tests are being run at the moment. Will keep you all posted.

  3. Grannymar,

    Sorry to hear about Elly being in hospital. Hope everything turns out to be all right.

    She seems to have misplaced some of her good health, so perhaps I will put St. Anthony on the case.

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