Am I Dumb?

I am sure you said yes. But what about you……

How smart are you? – Are you dumb?

Go on, I know you want to!


13 thoughts on “Am I Dumb?

  1. Primal, she is a walking sponge, soaks all kinds of useless information!

    I am allowed say that I am her mother.

    Sometimes she comes in handy. Elly sure you know I love ye, really!

  2. just back from traveling so know that a mile is longer than a kilometer, US presidents was the one question I got wrong I think…

    I just retain stupid facts when i hear them – it’s handy for pub quizzes and trivial pursuit

  3. Doc, blame the booze!

    Joy, it proves you are way to bright to hang about with this mad crowd! 😉

  4. Conor you might have to share it with Elly.

    She SAYS she got 94.06%.

    If her Nana was alive she might remind us of how Elly cheated or changed the rules in every card game they ever played together.;)

  5. I did get 94%! That test was way too easy, find something harder for me next time! 🙂 And I was tempted to cheat (Wikipedia was only a click away after all), but I didn’t…

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