Can You help?

Today a gentleman called Ralph was reading through old posts. In one called The Average Person I made reference to The Kennedys of Castleross a daily soap on Radio Eireann, when I was a school girl.

Ralph wondered if anyone can recall the name of the theme tune, also who performed it.

Anyone out there remember the theme tune or the details about it?


7 thoughts on “Can You help?

  1. The tune is in my head but I just can’t get it out. Or maybe I’m hearing the Riordan’s music. Even though I was very young then I still remember my ma telling me to whisht, the Kennedys are coming on.

    Ask Grandad – he’s ex-RTÉ.

  2. Geez..The Kennedys of Castleross…now that brings me back! I listened to it by default (my Mum liked it) at lunchtime when I came home for lunch from school. It gave me the creeps….and I vaguely recall the music but don’t know the name….and sorry to say that I don’t want to either!

    That and Frankie Vaughan and that Jacobs sponsored agony-aunt stuff!!!! That music I do recall reeeeally grating my nerves!!!!!

  3. John,

    You forgot the ‘Walton’s Programme’ – if you feel like singing, Do sing an Irish song!

    Jacobs agony -aunt was pure rubbish, did she not play ‘Old Blue Eyes’ every time. Now I am wondering if that agony aunt was Grandad in drag. – He worked in RTE I think.

  4. Where is Grandad when we need him for something important? This theme music has been bugging me for days now. Okay, okay, “it might not be YOUR problem …”

  5. Primal that man is a law unto himself!!!!!!

    He might be hiding from Dick, shooting Tourists or practising his golf shots.

    Either that or he is afraid to admit he remembers and was a fan of the programme

  6. The music is called The Fair Day. It is an excerpt from An Irish Symphony by the composer Hamilton Harty.

    It makes for very eerie listening as you are transported to a different era, an Ireland now long gone.

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