Oh Dear!

As if all the bother I had yesterday is not enough, I have even more problems to face today.

I have to admit I slept well last night. Now that is is an event in itself. Perhaps all the triple G&T’s yesterday had something to do with it. No matter, the extra sleep stood me in good stead this morning.

I awoke to find an intruder!

I am so pleased that Elly is way off in ‘Funnymoonland’ and not able to read this. She worries you know!

I worry too, because, if she finds out she may NEVER come home to see me again!

This is a return visit for the intruder.

He was here before.

I have the evidence!

Thanks to K8 who tagged me in August, to regurgitate an old post I chose My Sleeping Partner. You might remember, it was about the hairy man I woke to find fondling my face! Well He is back! At least this time he had the grace to stay in the kitchen. I walked in there to go fill the kettle like we all do first thing in the morning, and what was sitting in the sink?

This beauty:


Why me? I am just a harmless little old hag lady.

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