7 thoughts on “Do you need a Hat (P)

  1. Well done GM – I feel all happy and shiny after hearing that story. Talk about a chip off the old block. Your neighbour/friend is a lucky woman!

  2. Steph, What is the point of living if we can’t make someone smile each day!

    My friend is happy and so am I.

  3. Grannymar,

    What a great story. You know, if you removed the tassel from the hat that Tommy is wearing you have an exact duplicate of the chapeaus that Jackie Kennedy made famous. She always wore that type of hat so she didn’t muss up her bouffant hairstyle.
    I’m sure your Mother looked beautiful in the hat she made and your neighbor will stand out in hers.
    And guess what? I’m happy,too.

  4. Nancy,

    Jackie Kennedy was famous for her Pill Box Hats. They suited her face and never got in the way for photographs.

    At this rate I might need to change the name on my blog to Happyland!! 😉

  5. Your dulcet tones, and story telling ability is wasted on Blogland. I’m going going to contact my good friend at the BBC and we’ll get you a gig.

  6. Granny good to hear from you, where were you hiding?

    I’m no Beeb material. No plums or hot potatoes in this house! 😉

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