6 thoughts on “Who needs a Notebook? (Podcast)

  1. Grannymar, I love the podcast. How would I have known you are Irish if I hadn’t heard your delightful brogue? Computers and podcasts have surely shrunk the world!

    I found you from the comment you left on my blog post (http://snipr.com/1s4lb) about a kitchen table. We never wrote on that table, but we did use the refrigerator door in a similar fashion for awhile when my children were in their teens. You didn’t mention the challenge of cleaning off the old messages to make way for the new. I’d forgotten that. Thanks for the memory jog.

    Thanks for brightening my day.

  2. Ritergal, Glad you liked the podcast.

    The table top was enamel so it was easy to clean with Vim powder, and a damp cloth.

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  4. This is wonderful.
    How weird hearing your voice.
    Does it sound odd to you? It took me a long time to reconcile myself to my own voice – higher than the one in my head.
    You read/speak very well. People usually have a tendency to rush through things, accelerating as they go or to stumble repeatedly. You do neither.
    And you also manage to sound both precise and warm. They often don’t seem to go together.
    I like the table list. I have a picture in my mind of your family having to lug the whole table to the the local shop so as to be able to refer to the list. And then you could pile the messages up on the table to carry them back home.
    You had me laughing at the part about long division. “Quick, fetch another table! I’m running out of table.”

  5. blackwatertown – Thank you! My reply to your comment was over long so I have decided to use it as a separate post! Again thanks for the inspiration. 😀

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