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  1. You weren’t certain and the family wasn’t certain, but once it came together and they saw the ease of transferring the photos from generation to generation on disc, I think everyone started to believe in the project. And now with all your nieces and nephews getting married, the new generation is arriving and will need to be documented too… It’s a lovely thing to know that I will have all this info to pass onto my children and grandchildren some day…

  2. Grannymar,

    And how many boxes of Tissues did you go through as you looked at picture after picture of loved ones?
    I did the same thing you did except that my collection was assembled in the 1980’s before computersand I had them transferred to video tape and when I watch the 2 tapes (4 hours of photographs) I find myself in tears most of the time.
    I love all those old pictures. And the new ones,too!

  3. GM:
    Very interesting project but are you sure photos were around in 1800? I thought photography was invented in the 1820’s. I could be wrong. (too tired to do web search :>))

  4. Morning Wisewebwoman,

    I tried to do the same search. Like you I came up with a later date. That was the reason I wrote up above that *This image is circa 1800 The original is still in the old Homestead.*

    The Original may not have been a photo.

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