2 thoughts on “What has happened to Parents? (Podcast)

  1. Ahh Grannymar. I heard the same story on the news and you are so right. I banned the use of toy guns, cap guns . . . still my lad when he was little would pick up a stick and shoot with it and mouth “pow pow! . . .” . Boys are fascinated with them but where they get the real deal troubles me. And at 14 and 18 they know the consequences of their actions. Too much Grand Theft Auto and violent DVD’s and as you say, irresponsible parents. It’s amazing what secrets you can uncover just by cleaning a kids room! This is a sign of parental/child disconnection gone mad. Sorry for the late comment. I don’t get to listen to these little sound bytes until the weekend.

  2. Thanks Baino, the nice thing about the podcasts is that you can access them when it suits you.

    Listening to the 10p.m. news now, and the two local boys, aged 14 and 18, who were arrested on suspicion of murder, were released on Thursday night. Tonight a 16 year old has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting.

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