16 thoughts on “5 Things I Am Especially Grateful for.

  1. Hard to beat that!

    Being a Father and a Grandfather

    Knowing great love


    Having enough food and water

    Living where I’m really happy

    It’s what life is really about!

  2. Being a mother and grandmother


    Being able to drive and get around and basically, being healthy

    Having food, water, and a roof over my head

    Enjoying the simple things in life

  3. Yes Joy, the simple things like…

    A young child blowing bubbles or splashing about in a puddle of water!

  4. K8 you sure have a good sense of humour!

    Take good care of your health and eyesight and enjoy Mumdom!

  5. Being friends with my children
    Having enough to get by
    Good health despite body abuse
    Being resilient no matter what gets hurled my way
    My parents and the opportunities they gave me

  6. Always being able to say “It could be worse”!
    Having all the essentials (food, water, shelter, job, transport)
    Being raised by parents who had good taste in music

  7. What a wonderfully positive post. I love it!

    Being Healthy
    Having an incredible family
    Having enough of what I need to be able to worry and complain about trivial things
    Knowing so much wonderful music (music is what keeps me alive)
    Still having my hair (and seeing as I’m 30 it’s likely I’ll keep it at this stage)

  8. Hails & Conortje, Music is wonderful.

    James last for house work, and more classical to Chilax!

    Chilax is my new word. My grandnieces taught it to me.

  9. Having found the love of my life when things seemed especially bleak

    Being able to drive and travel whenever I want

    Having loving families

    Having a mum that can make and mend clothes for me

    Being a geek and enjoying new technologies (and being born into the generation that I was, which enables the first part of this statement)

  10. Everyone’s grateful lists sound so noble. I chime in:

    Having great health.
    Having people in my life who love me.
    Having a beautiful little pup who I love.
    Having enough curiosity in the world to keep me occupied.
    Having enough money to eat, live, and have fun.

  11. Rhea, I like your fourth one:

    ‘Having enough curiosity in the world to keep me occupied’.

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