Schmooze Woozee, that’s Me

Tuesday I was in shock, and you can blame that K8 once again! I worry about her because she gets more like her father every day. He fires hands things out ad lib and now she is at it.

“So what is she handing around now? A tray of drinkies, or a platter of Smoked Salmon”, I hear you ask?

Not at all, it is another Award. This time it is a Schmooze Award.

So why me? Well to put it in her words:

“Because you’re such a motherly spirit around here.. your posts are warm and familiar, and you always find time to comment, which ain’t easy!”

It’s the ‘motherly spirit’ that scares me. I have heard of High Spirits and Holy Spirits but motherly spirits are a new one. I wonder are they part of the tekki language with a total different meaning to our usual one. I must remember to ask my grand nieces.

So how would you like one of these on your Blog?  (Honours for cash easily arranged!)


Now I have to put my thinking cap on….

Right now, are you paying attention? Here we go…

Conortje: He amuses me daily and he is just the age to be my Toyboy!

Ellybabes: Since she pushed me into this entire blogging lark, I have to get my own back. Anyway if I didn’t include her she might have me in the Nursing Home before the weekend!

Gingerpixel: A lady of great talent and the ability to make me broody!

Nelly Moser: In the wilds of Co. Antrim she waxes lyrical about life, living and anything that catches her mood.


9 thoughts on “Schmooze Woozee, that’s Me

  1. Ok, maybe not spirit.
    Spinternit? Sploggrit?
    You’re the mother ship maybe!

    Fair dues missuz for taking this up 🙂
    I love that plant… Nelly Moser. So much fun to look at and to say!

  2. Aww all this schmoozin . . feel like givin’ ye all a big smooch! And tanks fer de Nelly link (it’s my nickname but I’ve been told its a euphamism for a cow in America so I’ve kept it quiet!)

  3. Wow! My first award 🙂

    You know, I was just thinking today that I really needed some good news. You’ve made my day Grannymar, thank you so much!

  4. You are welcome Claire.

    You photos brighten many a day for me. Keep up the good work.

    Give your young daughter a big hug from me!

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