I leave all my Worldly Goods to….

Way down under where the Kangaroos live, Baino has written an excellent post.


No matter what age you are, and if your only possession is a half chewed pencil, make sure it goes to the person you want to have it. Review the Will every ten years as circumstances can change. The SO might have exchanged you for a newer younger model, in which case you don’t want them to get all your treasures. You might have joined the world of Grandparenthood and want the tiny angels to have something to link them to their past.

Now having said that I am sure you intend sticking around for a long time yet, having a will DOES NOT bring death any closer. But it relieves extra stress for those you leave behind when the time comes.

So we have decided you are staying for the party. Make sure that all the precious items are in a very safe place. Mine are so safe I will never see them again! The B*st*rd Burglers got them a few years ago.

Now here is a little exercise for your lunch time break. List your possessions and see what it would cost if you were to go out and purchase them today.

Most of you out there prove daily to us that you use a camera, either digital or on the mobile phone. (There’s two items for the list so far.) Take pictures of the items on a clear background with a ruler as a guide to size. Make a note separately with the description and age of the item, add the receipt if you have it. You can store the info on your computer (third item).

Now I wonder how much my glass eye and wooden leg are worth……

Oh! and I forgot these:



2 thoughts on “I leave all my Worldly Goods to….

  1. Hello Grannymar,

    I did go to Baino’s blog and read what she had written regarding wills and such. She has brought up a really important topic.
    I mentioned to her that we had selected a lawyer much younger than ourselves because it’s important that the attorney you select to handle your affairs is still living when YOU die and your kids need him/her to help them sort it all out.

    BTW,Grannymar, I have left you my chewed up pencil and a half of a peanut butter sandwich. Sorry I couldn’t do more.

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