A Man!

I got one in the post today!

I immediately informed Elly. She is my only daughter and we are very close. Well as close as the 126 miles stretch between me in the wee North and her in the busy South of this island of Ireland.

So back to the Man.

As Yet I am unable to describe him as I know only that he is an Englishman who wears green wellies. He arrived early in a very compact package.

Ok, ok, I admit it!

‘An Englishman a la Campagne’ is just another book from Bookmooch for Elly. Sending the books c/o Grannymar means that I get to read them as well.

Thanks Elly, this one and the one that came yesterday should keep me quiet while you are gadding about Europe on your ‘Funnymoon’ – no that is not a spelling mistake – I hope you and George have plenty of fun and laughter while you are away.

Now I am off to make the recognitionl tags for your cases.

How many was it?  50 for you and 1 for George! 😉


2 thoughts on “A Man!

  1. Whoa! For a minute I was wondering what I could do to get such GREAT mail sent here. I was feeling a little envious Grannymar. Now I feel better.

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